A World of Energy: Indoor Inflatable Playgrounds

A World of Energy: Indoor Inflatable Playgrounds

Indoor inflatable playgrounds are a small but growing industry in the United States and across the world, as more and more parents find that their children enjoy jumping around on the inflatable structures. Indoor inflatable playgrounds are a great place for children; in addition to be a place of relative safety, children enjoy the excitement of the strange new environment and will eagerly expend a lot of their energy just jumping and running around in the structure, making them far calmer when play time is over. Some studies have also suggested that these structures have therapeutic value for children with certain sensory impairments, while the social interaction of an indoor inflatable playground can be a boon for children who otherwise have a hard time socializing, much like any other playground.

Most indoor inflatable playgrounds have a dedicated staff of adults who keep an eye on the young children playing in the playground, keeping a close eye on the children to ensure that no injury more serious than slight bruising or minor nausea befalls any of the children at the playground. While some parts of the playground may be somewhat unsupervised, most parts of the playground are surrounded by a net so the adults can see the playground from all sides, and the entries and exits where most injuries on inflatable playgrounds occur are watched closely and the playground’s staff is always alert for brawls between children and are prepared to break up any playground scuffles if necessary. The playground’s staff also ensure that the air is being properly pumped into the inflatable structures, an essential aspect of ensuring the safety of the children playing in them.

A World of Energy: Indoor Inflatable Playgrounds
A World of Energy: Indoor Inflatable Playgrounds

While outdoor inflatable playgrounds are liable to warm up like greenhouses, sometimes even to dangerous levels, the air conditions of the in door environment greatly decreases the risks of heat related injuries. As a further precaution, soft mats are often placed at the entries and exits of inflatable playgrounds to cushion and falls children may have out of the inflatable structure.

Safety concerns aside, indoor inflatable playgrounds are a lot of fun for children! Some structures incorporate makeshift obstacle courses to keep children from becoming bored as they might with just a single empty bouncing space. Others incorporate pits filled with hollow plastic balls, usually known simply as ball pits. Inflatable slides are also common in indoor inflatable playgrounds, providing a makeshift ride that’s sure to get a child’s blood pumping and burn through their energy. And, beyond special features, indoor inflatable playgrounds are essentially large, colorful trampolines, a great place for children of all ages.

Overall, while indoor inflatable playgrounds bring with them certain safety concerns, most playgrounds bring special efforts to protect children as a matter of course. Conversely, they’re a great place for children with a lot of energy. Children can entertain themselves for hours in indoor inflatable playgrounds and when they’re finally ready to leave, they’re almost always calmer and more peaceful. In this, both parents and children the world over have come to appreciate the wonders of indoor inflatable playgrounds.

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