Why You Need Motorized Bumper Boats For Your Theme Park

Why You Need Motorized Bumper Boats For Your Theme Park
June 8, 2018 No Comments Kiddie Rides,Water Bumper Boats amusementrides

Nothing says summer more than the opening of the theme park. Once the theme park opens its doors, you know summer is here. One of the more popular rides on hot summer days is the bumper boat ride. This ride is a twist on the classic bumper car ride. Instead of bumper cars, riders can frolic in the water on bumper boats. If you are in charge of buying rides for your theme park, you definitely want to consider bringing in bumper boats because they are fun for all ages and can quickly become one of the most popular rides in the theme park.

Motorized bumper boats are cheaper to operate than gas boats and they move slow so younger riders can enjoy them. The boats can run for hours and you can increase your revenue even more by adding water cannons to the boats so riders can enjoy blasting other riders.

Bumper boats are often the most popular ride on hot days and you will see a huge return on your investment with these boats. They can operate in shallow pools and you can find the boats in a large number of colors, shapes and sizes. Younger kids will love boats that are shaped like dragons and swans.

Bumper Boats
Bumper Boats

Older kids will love the boats with the water cannons because it is great fun to blast water at everyone within reach. The bumper boats are an economical ride and the investment will pay for itself quickly, especially on hot days when the boats are the prime attraction.

Motorized bumper boats are safe to ride and easy to operate. The boats are lightweight, which makes them affordable to ship and move around. The pool is also easy to set up and breaks down flat so it can be easily moved from area to area. The entire ride is very economical and easy to move around and the low cost coupled with the high profits it generates, makes this ride superior.

The motors are high quality and will last for a long time. The motors are protected from water and you can go with either a lightweight plastic or go for an inflatable plastic boat. The bumper boats are made well and will last for years. The pond enclosure is also durable and you only need two feet of water to operate the ride so it is extremely safe.

Bumper boats are attractive to kids, teens and adults and you won’t regret adding them to your theme park or carnival. They have the highest return of any of the rides and the boats are so fun to ride, that riders will want to experience them over and over again.

Motorized bumper boats never get boring and give you high profits day after day. They are exciting for all ages and riders will want to come back year after year to enjoy them. Bumper boats are cost effective and provide a great return on your investment.

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