Why Choose Spin Zone Bumper Cars

Why Choose Spin Zone Bumper Cars

Bumper cars and dodgems are an incredibly popular form of attraction that have served carnivals and theme parks since the 1920s. In almost 100 years, the design of these cars has remained almost unchanged.

The problem with the existing design is that it makes it hard for smaller operators to use the attraction, because it is not easy to install an electrified floor. While there are some moveable bumper car attractions, in the main these rides are something that can only be used in static theme parks.

Spin Zone bumper cars offer an interesting alternative, because they can run on any surface – whether that is concrete, asphalt, a wooden floor, or even ice.

Why Choose Spin Zone Bumper Cars
Why Choose Spin Zone Bumper Cars

Spin Zone bumper-cars are designed to be easy for young-children to drive. They use a two-handle steering system instead of a traditional wheel and peddle setup, and this system is really easy to master. In addition, the cars have seatbelts, so that the riders remain as safe as possible.

Spin Zone cars are designed to be durable, and to be able to cope with the stresses that any amusement park ride will be put under on a daily basis. They are designed to be family friendly, with a buddy-seat system that lets smaller children ride with their parents. The buddy seat can easily be removed to make the car a single or double rider car depending on the needs at the time.

If you are an amusement operator looking for a way to differentiate your park or event from the competition, why not revisit the world of bumper cars? Spin Zone puts a new and modern twist on an old family favourite, and will attract attention from inquisitive children and nostalgic parents alike. It is sure to be a big hit!

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