What You Want To Know About Pendulum Amusement Rides

What You Want To Know About Pendulum Amusement Rides
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Pendulum amusement rides are a major part of any amusement park or even some large carnivals. While some people love the thrills of a good roller coaster, and others stay on the spinning teacup rides. However, there are other fun riders that visitors absolutely love. There is a lot to like about pendulum rides, but they aren’t for everyone.

These pendulum amusement rides come in a variety of different forms and setups. They’re so named because they mimic the motions of a pendulum going back and forth, much like the pendulum on an old grandfather clock. The actual height that these reach when moving depend a lot on the machine itself, the size, and the level of construction.

There are many different types of rides that fall under the general umbrella of Pendulum. For many people the Pirate Ship is the most common version, as a large pirate ship going back and forth fits in with a variety of theme park motifs and seems to just fit in. Similarly swing boats, kamikaze, and Frisbee rides are more examples of common and popular carnival rides that use this same type of motion.

What You Want To Know About Pendulum Amusement Rides
What You Want To Know About Pendulum Amusement Rides

The key to making this work is the weight and counterweight to get the right balance of movement and motion. When it comes to popularity, the bag is mixed. Many people absolutely love pendulum rides, and there are even many versions that add additional bells and whistles, such as clusters of seats that can move up and down or outward while the overall back and forth motion continues. Most designs stay traditional, but it’s worth knowing about the branch-offs.

On the other hand, there are those who are not as big a fan of pendulum rides because the motion is very unique and some people find it far more upsetting than even the scariest or gnarliest of roller coasters. As with any carnival ride there are those who really like it and those who aren’t fans at all.

Pendulum rides are definitely a unique setup, but whatever amusement park you go to will almost certainly have at least one ride of this type there. Traveling carnivals are a little bit hit or miss with a lot of the issues depending on what size the carnival is and therefore how many rides they can travel with.

Wherever you go, there are plenty of unique takes on the traditional pendulum rides for those fans who just can’t get enough.

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