Types Of Ferris Wheel Rides

Types Of Ferris Wheel Rides

There are quite a few different types of Ferris wheels rides, and you may be wondering what they are. If you are wondering what some of them are, then continue to read the rest of this article. We will provide you with some information about them.

1. Observation Wheels- One of the most popular types of Ferris wheels rides is the observation wheel. This types of Ferris wheels are generally designed for riders to enjoy views of the surrounding area, and the capsules tend to move slowly to the top of the ride, where it stops for a few a little bit of time before returning back to the starting position. Some of the most popular observation wheels include the Melbourne Star in Australia, The London Eye in England and The High Roller in America.

2. Transportable Ferris Wheels- Transportable Ferris wheels are usually not designed to be used in just one specific location, hence the name. These kinds of Ferris wheels are designed to be used at various locations. For example, many fairs and carnivals use transportable Ferris wheels, as they tend to be easy to install and easy to take down and brought to another location. Some transportable Ferris wheels are designed to be permanently mounted to trailers, which means that they can be transported from one place to another place and they can be operated while they are mounted to the trailer.

Types Of Ferris Wheel Rides
Types Of Ferris Wheel Rides

3. Double And Triple Ferris Wheels- As you can guess by the names, double Ferris wheels and triple Ferris wheels have a number of columns, with each column supporting a Ferris wheel. For example, a double Ferris wheel will have two separate Ferris wheels that operate simultaneously, while a triple Ferris wheel has three separate wheels that operate at the same time. These types of Ferris wheels operate at various of speeds and they can be found at a number of amusement parks across the globe.

4. Eccentric Ferris Wheels- Eccentric Ferris wheels can also be found at many amusement parks across the globe, and these wheels differ from the other types that were previously mentioned because the cars that the passengers sit in are not fixed directly to the wheel’s rim. Eccentric wheels are often called sliding wheels or coasters, and the cars slide on rails that are located between the rim and the hub while the wheel is in operation. Some of the most popular eccentric wheels includes the Wonder Wheel and the Mickey’s Fun Wheel, so if you are looking for some of the best eccentric Ferris wheels to go on, then you can go to Coney Island (Wonder Wheel) or Disney California (Mickey’s Fun Wheel).

There are many Ferris wheels rides that fall under the above categories. As previously mentioned, many of the above Ferris wheels can be found at amusement parks across the country, or in popular cities. If you are interested in riding on some of the above Ferris wheels rides, then you will likely find one of them at your nearest theme park.

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