Category: Thrill Rides

Category: Thrill Rides

Important Tips For Choosing Human Gyroscope Ride
Image July 11, 2016 Human Gyroscope Rides,New Park Rides,Thrill Rides amusementrides

Have a party coming up? Why not go with the Human Gyroscope ride as a way to entertain those who are going to be at the event? It can add a lot of fun and you are not going to have to worry about the party become boring. However, this does not mean all rides

Why People Love Thrill Rides Across The World
Image July 8, 2016 New Park Rides,Theme Park Rides,Thrill Rides amusementrides

When you hear about the latest roller coaster that comes out, or some other amusement park ride that is fast and furious, it’s hard not to get excited, at least for some people. There are individuals that really enjoy going at high speeds, being spun upside down, going to dark tunnels without being able to

Where To Find Thrill Big Pendulum Rides
Image July 8, 2016 Frisbee Rides,Machanical Rides,New Park Rides,Theme Park Rides,Thrill Rides amusementrides

Are you a big thrill seeker? If so, you are going to want to find the top amusement parks to check out. The good news is that there are a ton of different parks out there that you can visit. All of them have their own big rides that you can go on and enjoy.

Amusement Parks With Large Roller Coasters Attract Thrill Seekers From All Over The World
Image July 8, 2016 Roller Coasters,Theme Park Rides,Thrill Rides amusementrides

As a kid growing up one of the main attractions at the local amusement park was always the roller coaster. It didn’t matter whether or not you were afraid to go on, roller coasters have always been and will always be in the future the main ride that garners the most attention. These thrill rides

What Is The Thrill Of A Human Gyroscope Ride?
Image July 8, 2016 Human Gyroscope Rides,Thrill Rides amusementrides

Few people have not visited an amusement park at some point during their lives and gained a distinct thrill from riding on the rides. These swirl you about and send you flying in all directions so that you feel as if you were on the edge of disaster. Of course, you are actually perfectly safe,

Enjoying The Fun Of A Wave Swinger Ride
Image July 1, 2016 Chair Swings,Thrill Rides amusementrides

Going to an amusement park is an annual tradition for many families. During summer vacation, nothing beats piling into the car and heading out on the road with the kids to visit one of the nation’s great parks. If you would rather stay closer to home, you can always just visit the local county or

Why Kids And Adults Love The Pirate Ship Ride
Image July 1, 2016 Pirate Ship Rides,Thrill Rides amusementrides

Pirates are more popular today than they have ever been in history. Which is no surprise as they really weren’t too nice of guys if you would happen to read a history book. However, people are flocking to the movies to cheer on Captain Jack Sparrow and his voyages on the Black Pearl. While Captain

What Makes The Kang’A’Bounce Ride Different From The Techno Jump Ride?
Image June 30, 2016 Jump & Smile,Thrill Rides amusementrides

If you are planning to head over to an amusement park in the next few days, you may want to know the difference between a few of the rides that they have there, including the Kang扐払ounce and the Techno Jump Ride. While these two rides may look a bit similar when you first see them,

The Differences Between The Chair O Plane and Wave Swinger Rides
Image June 29, 2016 Chair Swings,Machanical Rides,Theme Park Rides,Thrill Rides amusementrides

Among the most popular rides found in amusement parks and indoor playgrounds are the swing rides. They give a fun and relaxing experience for riders of all ages. Chair O Plane and wave swinger are some of the examples of swing rides. This article provides the differences between the Chair O Plane and wave swinger.

Finding A Good Techno Jump Ride For Sale
Image June 29, 2016 Jump & Smile,Thrill Rides amusementrides

There are many different kinds of rides that you can go on when you visit an amusement park or a carnival. In fact, there are often so many different ones that you may not have time to go on all of them! Fortunately, you can always come back again so that you and your family