Category: Theme Park Rides

Category: Theme Park Rides

Increase Fun And Profits With Bumper Boats
Image February 21, 2017 Kiddie Rides,Theme Park Rides,Water Bumper Boats amusementrides

When you visit a theme park, you will quickly notice that bumper boats, if you are lucky enough to have them, are one of the main draws for younger kids. Bumper boats are bumper cars on water. Riding them is like having your own personal speedboat, only you get to have fun crashing it into

The Brief History Of Ferris Wheel Ride
February 20, 2017 Ferris Wheels,Machanical Rides,Theme Park Rides,Thrill Rides amusementrides

Almost everyone has been on a Ferris Wheel before. It is an iconic ride that can be found at virtually any carnival or amusement Park nationwide. There are many concepts about the Ferris Wheel that people are not aware of, especially in regard to its origins. It was considered by many to be the answer

The Advantages Of Battery Operated Bumper Cars
Image January 11, 2017 Bumper Cars,Kiddie Rides,Theme Park Rides amusementrides

Bumper cars are often one of the rides that have the longest lines. They are incredibly fun to ride and there is just something about the feel of crashing into another rider that is addictive and fun. If you want to upgrade your bumper cars and bring in some cars that are cheaper to operate,

Why Double Flying Rides Are An Excellent Investment
Image December 29, 2016 Theme Park Rides,Thrill Rides amusementrides

Do you need a fun and original amusement ride? A double flying ride could be exactly what you need. These rides are classics and people will expect to find one when they visit an amusement park or a fair. Double flying rides have been around for several decades but are still incredibly popular. The experience

The Applications Of Roller Coaster Rides
Image December 29, 2016 Roller Coasters,Theme Park Rides,Thrill Rides amusementrides

Have you ever wondered about the origins of roller coasters? Most of us have gone to an amusement park, ridden on one several times before, but never really thought about the physics of this entertaining ride. There is actually a lot of forethought that goes into the construction of these rights that can cost millions

The Main Applications Of Ferris Wheel Rides
Image December 29, 2016 Ferris Wheels,Machanical Rides,Theme Park Rides amusementrides

A Ferris Wheel is considered by many to be one of the top attraction at most carnivals and amusement parks. Although it is not the fastest ride, nor the most exhilarating, there is something very special about this ride that attracts people every year. For most, it is the extreme height that the ride can

I Love Trains
Image December 29, 2016 Amusement Park Trains,Kiddie Rides,Theme Park Rides amusementrides

There is a new ride in town and it is called a miniature train ride. If you have the time you should head on down to the indoor shopping mall and take a look at this awesome miniature train. This train is manufactured by a company in China and it looks like an old-fashioned locomotive

Have You Forgotten The Amusement Park Train Ride?
Image December 22, 2016 Amusement Park Trains,Theme Park Rides amusementrides

When you go to an amusement park, where is the first section of the park you hit? For most people they are looking for fast thrills and action. They want the tallest and fastest rollercoasters that are going to take them to the edge of their seats. However, there is a ride in almost all

The Octopus Ride is a Fun Amusement Park Experience
Image December 22, 2016 Kiddie Rides,Theme Park Rides amusementrides

If you have heard that there is an amusement ride extravaganza setting up near your home soon or you plan to visit another location where one is established, you should definitely check out all of the fun ride choices. One of the things that many people find exciting is the octopus ride. As with every

Amusement Park Diggers For Kids Is A New Favorite Among Families!
Image December 21, 2016 Kiddie Rides,Theme Park Rides amusementrides

Amusement parks aren’t just for the young, but for the young at heart as well. Kids need to be entertained with the rides that are available at the amusement park, but it also helps if the rides they can choose from are age appropriate, safe, and can help them hone certain skills as they grow.