The Main Advantages Of The Double Face Ferris Wheel

The Main Advantages Of The Double Face Ferris Wheel
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If you going to be purchasing a new ferris wheel for your amusement park soon, have you considered the possibility of purchasing a double face ferris wheel? These are one of the most fun and popular rides you could have, and there a whole range of advantages they provide – especially when compared to the simpler and more traditional single face model.

In this guide, we going to show you some of the benefits you experience if you choose a double face ferris wheel – so let take a look.

The Main Advantages Of The Double Face Ferris Wheel
The Main Advantages Of The Double Face Ferris Wheel

1 – Double passenger volume

Perhaps the most obvious benefit to having a double face wheel is that it allows you to give twice as many people a ride on the wheel at the same time. This has its financial benefits, because you be able to sell more tickets – and it also saves you a lot of space compared to having two separate ferris wheels.

This is a great option if you struggling to cope with queue times – because let face it – nobody enjoys having to queue up for a ride unless they really have to. By choosing a double face wheel, you抣l drastically cut down on any waiting that your passengers are having to cope with.

2 – It more fun

Another key benefit to the double face model is that it a great deal more fun for your passengers to ride on. When you can see other passengers coming towards you on the other side, it gives you something else to see and look forward to.

This is even more the case when you have friends and family in a different cabin, and it soon becomes a lighthearted game of waving to each other when you see them. It seems simple, but it a great way to add a little more fun to the overall ferris wheel experience.

3 – Design

Having two faces to your ferris wheel opens up a great deal of new design potential, and it doesn’t take much effort to create a visual masterpiece that soon represent the pride and joy you have in your park. Having two wheels rotating towards each other can also create a beautiful, hypnotic effect to onlookers. What more, this will entice far more passers-by to take a look, and ultimately come in to enjoy a ride.


Overall, picking a double face ferris wheel is a great decision to make. They far more fun and exciting than a standard ferris wheel, and there only a slight increase in price compared to buying two separate wheels.

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