Smoother Rides: Compare Amusement Park Trains With Track To Trackless Trains

Smoother Rides: Compare Amusement Park Trains With Track To Trackless Trains
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It’s like the difference between putting your hands up and letting go, or holding onto the harness or bar for dear life. A rollercoaster ride is partly what you make of it. Blood-curdling screams or yelps of joy spot any ride as it swirls through the air.

Elements of roller coasters change up the riders’ experience too. The old wooden tracks, with a low car and a lap belt provide a fear factor. The clickety clack hints at a potentially harrowing ride, especially for the easily psyched riders.

For the petite rider, it feels like the car is too inept, allowing too much jockeying around in the seat, above the seat as the car raises and lowers up and down and around curves. They float momentarily.

Trackless Trains

The trackless train is a more modern invention, working usually with hydraulics for a smoother ride. It may suspend from a smooth steel bar above the ride. As the cars zoom along, the riders always have the sense of “arms up” exhilaration and the thrill of unfettered wind and speed. Without obstructions, the experience is akin to flying.

Smoother Rides: Compare Amusement Park Trains With Track To Trackless Trains
Smoother Rides: Compare Amusement Park Trains With Track To Trackless Trains

Watch The Tramcar, Please

Even for the less brave, trains are ever preseent at amusement parks across the country. They include everythning from the little train that interconnects the neighboring sites of an amusement park to giving a bird’s eye view perched on a trackless train, or tramcar, above the park.

The tramcar tends to go at a slower and more leisruly pace, though for people who are afraid of heights, it can still be something of an unpleasant thrill. It is still an excellent way to make it around the park to decide where to go next, or to pack it up for the day without exhausting the family anymore.

The trackless train has similar elements across the board. For instance every train has a tractor that pulls interconnected, or articulated carriages or trailer cars, thus the term train. Usually they are run off of an electric motor or internal combustion.

They may be made from fiberglass, which is strong and waterproof, or even metal.

The trailers differ greatly in seating capacity, holding anywhere from six to forty people. Some have a sun shade overhead, while others are completely open. Some come equipped with cushioned seats, while others are not.

What’s In A Name?

Around the world, trams are a bit different. There is no widely agreed upon term throughout the world, so they are generally called trams, road trains, or people movers even. In North America, many times the lot tram is in use to get people to and from a park’s parking lots. In Europe, they call it a Tschu-Tschu (choo choo), land or road trian, and Dotto train.

The Tschu-Tschu and people mover are the epitome
of the difference between trains running on a track and trackless trains. They are found on the ground, or way above it. In some cases, they are a part of the roller coaster attractions too.

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