Riding On The Most Popular Mini Roller Coaster For Kids

Riding On The Most Popular Mini Roller Coaster For Kids
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My kids have always loved to go on rides at fairs and amusement parks, ever since they were little. As soon as they were old enough, my wife and I took them to the county fair and let them go on some of the rides aimed at kids. Of course, they were not big enough to go on anything that went very fast, but they still loved the merry-go-round.

As they have gotten older, there have been more and more rides that they were able to go on. My son is always disappointed when we go to the amusement park and he cannot go on a ride because he is not tall enough yet. However, there are still quite a few rides that he is able to try.

What they really love to do is go on some of the most popular mini roller coasters for kids. These smaller rides are just like scaled-down versions of the rides aimed at adults and teens. Because they are smaller and do not go quite as fast, they are safe for younger kids to ride on.

Riding On The Most Popular Mini Roller Coaster For Kids
Riding On The Most Popular Mini Roller Coaster For Kids

Whenever we are planning a trip to a fair or an amusement park, my kids always want me to make sure that there are a few different roller coasters that they can go on. Of course, as they have gotten older, the number of rides that they can safely ride has expanded. Before long, they will be able to ride almost anything at the park.

For example, this summer we decided to take a family vacation and go on a road trip. There were lots of things that I wanted to see and do, but my kids wanted to make sure that we included a stop or two at an amusement park. I finally gave in to their pleas and looked for a couple that were not too far off my chosen route.

When we got to the first park, my kids were so excited. Admission was actually less than I thought it would be, because we had apparently shown up on a day when the park was having some sort of discount. This was a stroke of luck, since it meant that we were able to buy more tickets for the rides than I had originally planned for.

My kids had a whole lot of fun going on the rides, and it was hard to get them to leave. My son kept wanting to go on the same mini roller coaster over and over again, while his sister wanted to make sure that she went on every ride in the park. I was finally able to get them to head out when the park was closing.

It was a whole lot of fun, and we had a good time on the rest of our road trip as well. I think that the next time I am planning a vacation for the whole family, we may head in the same direction again.

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