Relive Your Childhood Memories On A Carousel

Relive Your Childhood Memories On A Carousel
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What pure delight it brings to a child to get to visit an amusement park. Many people remember their first visit. They loved the sounds, the smells, and the food. It felt almost paradisiac to feel so much happiness in one place.

How many of us can still remember our first time on a carousel? The music was magical, and seeing the painted horses lift up and down as the ride twirled in a circle was almost like watching a beautiful dance. We could not wait till it was our turn to ride.

When it was out turn, we raced to find the prettiest horse we could. We jumped right on with a huge smile on our face while petting our horse as if it was real. We watched as other children chose their horses, and smiled at them feeling inside that no matter what our horse was the best.

We may have even seen other people choose the seats on the carousel that did not move. And we wondered why would you want to even ride if you could not go up and down? As we watched everyone else, our hearts were racing because soon it would start and we would take off.

Relive Your Childhood Memories On A Carousel
Relive Your Childhood Memories On A Carousel

As soon as the carousel began to turn and the music changed, we felt sheer happiness. Our horse began to lift very high up into the air, and we felt like we were flying. We could see ourselves in the mirror, and we were so proud.

When the carousel slowly came to a stop, we were so disappointed. We could wait till we could ride it again. Yes, this is no doubt a very common first carousel ride experience for many of us.

To this day, we may all still feel a little melancholy if we even hear that nostalgic music playing somewhere and we know there is a carousel nearby. We may even feel tempted to ride, but too silly to actually do it.

There is a similar ride, though, that seems to never age us- a swinging carousel. On this classic ride, you remain seated with your legs dangling as the carousel lifts you high up into the air and twirls. There are no real seat belts, and nothing to really hold onto, so there is an added thrill that we just crave.

How does this compare to that favorite childhood ride however? Well, they are related. The carousel twirls while you go up and down on the horse. The Swing Carousel twirls and you slightly go up and down as well.

The carousel however, is a more stationary ride and lets children feel more secure and closer to the ground. The swinging carousel lifts you up into the air, and gives the rider a greater sense of flying rather than riding a horse on the ground.

Over the years the swinging carousel has progressed into being much and much taller making it more of an extreme ride at some places. This rides evolution has changed even in name, for example it is known as the Yo-Yo or Chair-O-Planes.

No matter how old we get, we cannot deny that these classic rides call out to us when we see them. For many, it is tradition to ride them at certain amusement parks. So, don抰 hold back if you feel silly. Bring your inner child out and relive your favorite memories.

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