Reasons To Use New Ground Net Electric Bumper Cars

Reasons To Use New Ground Net Electric Bumper Cars
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Bumper cars have been around for many decades, known as dodgems in the United Kingdom, a ride that is enjoyed not only by children but also by adults. There is only one primary objective when you are on this ride and that is to bump into other people. They do not move fast enough to cause any type of damage, merely a lot of fun that can be had with family and friends. There are different types of bumper cars that have been created over the years, and they are typically powered by one of two forms of energy. One of the newest is called a floor net, or an electric floor grid bumper car, which is the focus of this article.

Different Types Of Bumper Cars

There are a couple of different types of bumper cars that have been made over the decades including battery bumper cars, those that are powered from the ceiling, and the newer models which are powered from beneath. Battery bumper cars can be used on a wide variety of services including concrete, tile, and even ice. Since the power comes from the battery that is in the bumper car itself, it does not need to be in an enclosed location. Ceiling-grid bumper cars are very common. You have probably seen these that the local carnival. There is a pole that goes from the bumper car to the ceiling, and by operating these on a special type of floor, it creates a power polarity. It will need AC current to run, and this is how the power is derived. The final type is the floor-grid bumper car, considered to be the second generation of all bumper cars, extracting its power from a floor powered grid. Although this might seem unsafe, assuming that there is electricity running to the floor where people might be walking, it is actually the safest of all three different types. Now let’s look at more information on the new floor net electric bumper cars to show you exactly why these are the best.

Electric Bumper Cars
Electric Bumper Cars

floor Grid Bumper Cars

These bumper cars are designed so that there is no need for a grid of power above, nor any of the poles or rods that come up from inside the vehicle. There is a floor that is designed with three specific parts which include positive, negative, and insulating strips. These alternating strips are divided by the insulating spacers, so when the brushes that are beneath the vehicle cover to strips simultaneously, it forms a circuit which delivers the power, making them very easy to use.

Drawbacks Of This New Technology

The only drawback to this particular type of bumper car is that the floor must be kept clean at all times. If there is any dirt or other surface material that can obstruct the connections that are necessary to power these bumper cars, they simply will not move.

These new bumper cars that work off of a floor electric grid are the best that have ever been made. You will probably see these that modern carnivals and state fairs, and are unique not only by virtue of the way they are powered by in the way they are designed. Hopefully you will be able to ride in one of these new bumper cars that so many people are talking about, a definite advancement with this particular carnival ride.

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