A Quick Overview Of Dotto Trains

A Quick Overview Of Dotto Trains
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If you have ever been to a small carnival before, you have likely seen the small trains rolling by. They are not on a track, but are actually pulled by a motor car in the front that is configured in the form of a train. There are carts in the back where people can sit, and for small children, it looks as if it is a small train rolling by. However, these are very different in appearance and construction, a staple at most small and large carnivals that can be found worldwide. Let’s go over what these trackless trains can actually do, how they are constructed, and if you want to buy one, where you can get the best deals.

What Are Dotto Trains?

Whether these are called a choo-choo train, a parking lot tram or a Dotto train, it is all in reference to the same type of vehicle, a passenger carrier with rubber tires that looks very similar in some cases to a regular locomotive. The technology behind these particular vehicles is very simple, consisting of a tractor unit which is able to pull all of the carts and passengers behind it, typically at low speeds. They are powered either by a regular combustion engine such as found in a car or truck, or an electric motor. In most cases, the maximum amount of people that these devices can pull is about 40 people, and they usually have capacity for six. They can have open or closed sides, and are typically made of plastic or fiberglass, sometimes having an overhead window so that passengers can look in all directions to see outside.

A Quick Overview Of Dotto Trains
A Quick Overview Of Dotto Trains

Public And Private Uses

For public uses, it has already been mentioned that we are used at carnivals and fairs that are set up across the world. They are perfect for small children that love trains, and have never been able to ride one, perfect in size and shape. They are used privately where the wealthy are able to create separate playgrounds for their children, or they may also be used at private facilities for kids that are less fortunate. Either way, they are designed to be accessible for both adults and children, something that everybody loves to ride.

Typical Appearance

Most of these trains have a very similar appearance, although they may be constructed of different materials, painted different colors, and differ in size and shape. Very similar to a standard passenger train with a locomotive at the front, followed by passenger carts in the back. There is seldomly a caboose, which are not even used on modern trains any longer. They are designed to make it easy for children of all ages to step up into them, and also large enough for adults to sit inside. The main purpose of these trains is to provide something fun for families, and therefore easy access for small and large individuals is absolutely necessary. Once you have ridden in one, you will then realize why so many people look forward to riding in these miniature trains every year.

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