Quality Ferris Wheel Seats – A Key Part Of The Ferris Wheel Ride

Quality Ferris Wheel Seats – A Key Part Of The Ferris Wheel Ride
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When it comes to buying a ferris wheel for your amusement park, you`re likely got a lot of things on your mind. Not only do you need to think about the financial investment you`re making, the degree of fun it`ll add to your park, and the ongoing maintenance fees – but there`s a few other things you need to be aware of before you settle on your favorite wheel.

One of these crucial (and easily overlooked) factors is the quality of the seating. In this guide, we抮e going to give you some vital tips for making sure your ferris wheel has the kind of seating that`ll appeal to your visitors, rather than send them running for the hills. So let`s take a look.

Quality Ferris Wheel Seats - A Key Part Of The Ferris Wheel Ride
Quality Ferris Wheel Seats – A Key Part Of The Ferris Wheel Ride

1 – Comfort

The first factor you`ll want to think about is the comfort of the material used for your seating. Because your passengers will be sat down, and possibly strapped in, you`ll need to ensure they`re comfortable at all times. This is particularly important for people who may be nervous on rides, as the slightest discomfort can easily compound any apprehension they`re feeling – and it抣l quickly spiral into a negative experience.

Try to ensure the seating is strong enough to support the person, while also providing some cushioning that makes it nice and comfortable to lettle in?while you`re enjoying the ride.

2 – Resilience

If your ferris wheel is going to be kept outside (and most are), then you`ll need to ensure the seating is tough and durable enough to withstand a certain degree or whether. What`s more, your seating is going to be subject to a lot of wear and tear over the years, with potentially thousands of people sitting down on a range of clothing.

With this in mind, the best seating will have some kind of hard wearing exterior material that`s easy to clean, and can withstand a great deal of punishment.

3 – Sizing

Finally, you`ll need to consider the overall sizing of your seats. If your ferris wheel is going to cater for both children and adults, you`ll want to ensure that the seats are high enough for the children to comfortably see outside of the cabin and enjoy the view. Equally, you don`t want the seating so high that it makes a fully grown adult feel cramped.


Choosing the right seats for your ferris wheel doesn`t have to be a difficult affair, and most of it will come down to common sense. But the most important thing is to actually take it into consideration – because there`s nothing worse than investing in a new attraction, only for your visitors to not enjoy their experience while they`re on it.

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