Places Where You Can Purchase Vintage Carousels

Places Where You Can Purchase Vintage Carousels
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With a rich history, huge variation, and influence that spread across the world, it makes sense that vintage carousels and their parts would be extremely popular. Most adults will have at least one childhood memory that includes one of these amusement rides. Even today, most amusement parks and carnivals will have at least one carousel. For all of these reasons, it can be difficult to find a vintage model for sale.

However, there are a few options for finding one of these beautiful pieces of history. Some are a little more hands on and require you to be on your toes, while the others require you to keep a sharp eye out. However, all of these methods should allow you to get a carousel or parts for a good price.

Places Where You Can Purchase Vintage Carousels

The first option is to track down a carnival that is getting rid of old machines. This will require being in or going to an area where one of these groups is stopped. Often times they will be more than willing to sell off older items. This can be a great place to get a deal as they will want to get rid of the older items and stop transporting them. However, this can be a very hit or miss way to find vintage items.

The second option is searching online. E-bay, other auction websites, and forums will all have listings. Keeping an eye on these until you find the carousel that you want will get you the best price and ensure that you get exactly what you want. Unfortunately, this can take a bit longer than most people would like.

Despite vintage carousels seeming to be common, they are actually much rarer. This is because these beloved rides are often used until they break. This means that finding one of your own may take a while and some luck.

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