The ‘Pirate Ship’ Ride

The ‘Pirate Ship’ Ride
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The pirate ship is one of those attractions in the amusement park that is going to be a ‘must see’ for one and all once they come in and want to take rides. It is simple and everyone can take it, which makes it appealing for most people. Let’s see what this ride is all about and why it is highly rated with regards to people wanting to get on.

The 'Pirate Ship' Ride
The ‘Pirate Ship’ Ride

Open Seated

The overall appearance of the pirate ship is going to look exactly like the name states. It is going to appear like the average pirate ship one would get to see in popular culture.

The ride is ‘open seated’, so there is no top to cover the occupants who are getting onto the ride. They are going to be seated on a bench within the ‘ship’ and are going to be placed on the ride like this.

Due to how the ride swings back and forth, the inertia is going to ensure the occupants don’t fall out, so they are not going to require proper restrains in place. This is why most people don’t mind getting on and having fun with this type of ride.

Back And Forth Swing

The overall movement of the ship is going to be simple with regards to it being a pendulum of sorts. It is going to go back and forth as that is the movement you are going to be getting out of it.

It is going to feel as if a massive wave has come under the ship and is now pushing the ship back and forth.

Creates The Feeling Of Being On A Ship

In the end, the creation of feeling as if you are sitting in a real pirate ship is the reason people want to hop on and give it a shot. This is rare to get anywhere else.

These are some of the reasons why the pirate ship ride is exciting and is something people love going to. It is one of those rides that has been around for a while and that is why most people are able to associate with it and want to hop on. Most adults when they were children would have hopped onto a pirate ship of their own in order to get a ride. It was once called the ‘Ocean Wave’, until it was themed up and turned into the pirate ship.

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