All You Need To Know About The Fire Ball Amusement Park Ride

All You Need To Know About The Fire Ball Amusement Park Ride
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One of the most exciting and stimulating family activities is to attend an amusement park; irrespective of whether it is a local park or an international amusement sensation, the rides and games will keep everyone enthralled. There are numerous options available when it comes to amusement park rides and choosing one can be confusing. This article will provide some information on one of the most intriguing thrill rides available, the fire ball ride.

What Is The Fire Ball Amusement Park Ride?

The fire ball ride is an exciting and daring thrill ride that has evolved from several other rides. It is manufactured by Larson International – a well-known park ride creator – and acted as an improvement on their previous thrill rides, such as the super loop and the ring of fire.

In an attempt to increase the thrill factor, Larson International combined the super loop and ring of fire to create ride that takes the ride on an upside-down experience with complete rotation. It is similar to the ring of fire in that it rotates on a 360 degree axis; however, it is similar to the super loop in that the riders travel around the inner part of the circle in a single carriage instead of separate cabins.

How Does The Fire Ball Amusement Park Ride Operate?

Many thrill rides are similar in operation mechanisms with a large steel box housing the engine. The box is securely fastened to a concrete base with supporting steel cables and outriggers to support the carriages.

All You Need To Know About The Fire Ball Amusement Park Ride
All You Need To Know About The Fire Ball Amusement Park Ride

Is The Fire Ball Ride Safe?

Considering the style and design of this ride, it may be perceived as rather hazardous; however, this is not so. When designing and manufacturing amusement park rides, it is important to take into account any safety issues and manage them accordingly. One safety feature is that of manual operations. A toggle handle ensures constant supervision of the ride by a trained technician; further the ride presents with a dead man operator chair that will detect the absence of any operator.

It should also be noted that the riders are tightly strapped into the carriage to ensure the chance of falling is reduced.

What Are The Disadvantages Of The Fire Ball Ride?

As with all amusement park rides, there are benefits and drawbacks. One drawback of this ride is that it presents with a height and age restriction making it unsuitable for young children. Another drawback is the presence of flashing lights, which can be detrimental to individuals suffering from photo-sensitive epilepsy.

Final Words On The Matter

Choosing the most suitable amusement park ride can be challenging; however, the information above will assist one in finding the most suitable option for one’s needs.

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