All You Need To Know About Building An Electric Barrel Train

All You Need To Know About Building An Electric Barrel Train
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The barrel train is a very exciting and amusing form of entertainment at different events, primarily children birthday parties, and it can increase the enjoyment of all guests. Generally, an electric barrel train can be purchased or hired from appropriate companies; however, it is possible to build the train yourself and possibly save on cost. This article will provide information on how to build this type of party train and reduce the overall expense.

What Is A Barrel Train?

Unlike a traditional train that has cabins, the barrel train presents with a number of small trailers linked by steel connecters. Each trailer has one set of wheels made from a form of metal with rubber rimming, similar to the wheels of a motorcycle or bicycle.

There are two different types of barrel trains available for use: the traditional barrel train and the electronic barrel train. Both options have the same structure, but it is the means of movement that differs. Electric barrel trains utilize a small motorized tractor placed at the front of the train; whereas a traditional manual barrel train is pushed forward by the walking or running of users. This manual pushing is possible due to the trailers having ‘leg holes’.

All You Need To Know About Building An Electric Barrel Train
All You Need To Know About Building An Electric Barrel Train

What Do I Need To Build An Electric Barrel Train?

When building any item it is essential that you have specific pieces of equipment, products and tools. To build this item you will require various D.I.Y. power tools, such as a power drill, an electric sander and a sanding wheel. You will also require non-electronic tools, such as a wrench, a jigsaw and a channel iron.

In addition to the tools, it is required that you obtain certain building items to connect different parts of the structure. These items include blots, nuts, a wheel axle, double-ended eye pins and an inch-thick steel chain. Of course, the most important aspect of the train is its structure. To build a metal structure and prepare it for use you will require 55-gallon steel barrels, wheels, cinder blocks, automotive spray paint primer, automotive spray paint and automotive spray clear coat.

What Are The Steps To Building An Electric Barrel Train?

First you must place a clean and empty steel barrel drum on its side between a pair of cinder blocks – the blocks preventing the barrel from moving. Draw a line with a market around one side of the barrel approximately 2 feet wide. This is the marking to the section where the child will climb inside the trailer.

Cut along the marked line using a jigsaw and remove the section to expose the inside of the barrel. Now use an electric sander or sanding wheel to remove any sharp edges in this section. It is essential that the edges are smoothed to ensure the child is not injured.

Turn the barrel over so the side with the opening is facing down. To connect the trailers you must weld the long double-ended pin along the middle of the barrel using a channel iron. Weld the wheel axle to the middle bar near the end of the trailer and attach wheels to each end of the axle using bolts. Tighten a nut over each bolt to ensure that they will stay in place.

Finally, paint the barrel interior and exterior using the paint primer, paint and clear coat. You should wait approximately eight hours before placing the paint color on the train to ensure that the paint does not become distorted. The clear coat spray should be applied approximately twelve hours after painting.

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