All You Need To Know About Amusement Parks And Swing Rides

All You Need To Know About Amusement Parks And Swing Rides
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For many an amusement park is a source of great fun and excitement. The rides, the shows, the popcorn, soda and arcade games. For children this is particularly amusing as many of the rides are tailored towards a younger age range; however, it can be fun for any individual irrespective of their age, all they need is a desire to have some fun on high speed rides. The most popular rides one will find in an amusement park are the roller coasters and the swing rides.

What Is A Swing Ride?

A swing ride, often known as a chair ride or carousel, is a piece of equipment in which the chairs are suspended from a rotating top. The individual is required to sit in one of the chairs and prepare themselves for an automated sense of swinging, hence the name ‘swing rides’. In previous years the carousel remained stationery and swung around exclusive; however, in recent years some of these swing rides have added an ability for the carousel to swing while tilting.

All You Need To Know About Amusement Parks And Swing Rides
All You Need To Know About Amusement Parks And Swing Rides

Where Can I Find A Swing Ride?

Swing rides are found exclusively as part of amusement fairs, which are either permanently stationed in a location or a travelling fair that moves from one area to the next. These rides are the most traditional form of carousel rides and have been used for the longest period of time. The rides are currently found in various European cities, Australia, South Africa, North America, and South America; however, the most popular swing rides can be found at the leading amusement parks in the UK and the United States.

What Are The Most Popular Swing Rides?

The two most popular amusement parks in the United Kingdom can be found in Staffordshire, and London. The most well-known and frequently used swing ride in London is the Monkey Swinger which can be found at Chessington World Of Adventures. It is named the Monkey Swinger as it presents with a monkey theme. A unique feature of this ride is that riders are squirted with water as they rotate and tilt.

Alton Towers is another popular amusement park in the United Kingdom and is located in Staffordshire. The popular swing ride here is known as the Cloud Cukoo Land and is shaped as a giant mushroom. It previously utilized a prehistoric dinosaur theme; however, this was changed as it was deemed ‘too scary’ for younger riders.

In contrast to the UK amusement parks, the parks in North America present with a greater amount of rides including swing rides. Six Flags is the most well known US park and here individuals can find the Gotham City Crime Wave, the New England Sky Screamer, and the Gunslinger. Each of these swing rides utilizes a specific theme and the name is used to complement the theme. It should also be noted that the Six Flags corporation has opened amusement parks in various states, which allows for more fun and more rides.

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