Mini-Ferris Wheel Ride: What I Love About Them As A Kid

Mini-Ferris Wheel Ride: What I Love About Them As A Kid
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As a kid, I have loved riding almost all the kiddie rides in amusement parks. There`s the carousel, the anchor`s away, the mini train, the jungle bounce, the walk tower, and the miniature roller coaster. But if there`s one thing I really miss about being a kid, it would be riding the small Ferris wheel. Sure, I can still ride a Ferris wheel now, but it`s different when you`re a kid.

I was six when Dad brought us three kids in the so-called happiest theme park in our humble suburb. I love my dad, sure, but I want to dislike him when he said that he`s going to test our courage by making us ride the Mini-Ferris Wheel. I still remember how terrified I was then, while my older siblings just shout hooray. It was called ini-Ferris Wheel,?and the personnel in that theme park made every kid believe that they were really designed for kids. But I doubted that. For me, the ride was big, and I was afraid. But then, I was forced to go, or else Dad wouldn`t buy me a hotdog on stick.

And then, the most dreaded part came. But after maybe a dozen of seconds when the Mini-Ferris Wheel started to roll, a different kind of excitement filled me. It was fun! The Mini-Ferris Wheel was safe and certainly worth a ride. Since then, when we`re having family day at the amusement park, we would ask Dad to let us ride a mini-Ferris wheel again.

Reasons Why Theme Parks Have A Mini-Ferris Wheel Ride

Mini-Ferris Wheel Ride: What I Love About Them As A Kid
Mini-Ferris Wheel Ride: What I Love About Them As A Kid

Having experienced the fun of riding a mini-Ferris wheel back in my childhood days, I am convinced that all amusement parks should always have at least one small version of Ferris wheel, here are the reasons why:

First, children simply love to go round and round in miniature Ferris wheel. But moms and dads should remember to accompany their kids when riding one.

Second, kids deserve to know how great it is to breathe fresh air from the top of the wheel.

Third, riding small Ferris wheels is a fun way for kids to experience an extreme ride that suits their age.

Fourth, it can be a good family bonding.

Fifth, well, just like my dad`s purpose, riding a mini Ferris wheel allows parents to see how brave and adventurous their kids are.

Things That Parents Should Look For In A Mini-Ferris Wheel

It is very important that parents consider the following before letting their kids ride a mini version of Ferris wheel.

1. The mini-Ferris wheel should be designed for children`s use and safety.

2. The mini-Ferris wheel should be well-maintained.

3. The mini-Ferris wheel should be calculated to fit into particular situations or certain conditions like climate, grounding aspects and strong winds.

4. The mini-Ferris wheel must be built on an earthquake-resistant area.

5. The mini-Ferris wheel must be accredited by a licensing body for theme parks.

The mini Ferris wheel ride offers a lot of fun for kids, but safety should always be prioritized.

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