Maximizing Profits – The Most Popular Coin Operated Kiddies Rides

Maximizing Profits – The Most Popular Coin Operated Kiddies Rides
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Many an entrepreneur has started their trip towards financial independence by running a small business – just because your profits come in quarters doesn’t matter that you can’t turn a healthy profit at the end of every month. After all enough quarters still mean a significant amount of dollars in the bank.

One of the most popular small businesses is the lease or profit share of coin operated kiddies rides. The business model is variable, but it may include a rental agreement where the owner of the rides leases space at an arcade or other venue such as a mall, or a profit sharing agreement where the proceeds are split between the owner of the venue and the owner of the kiddies rides.

The decision that may make or break a business like this is just which kiddies rides to choose as an investment. There are a variety of coin operated kiddies rides for sale, some new and some used – but are more certainly more popular than others.

Of course the decision of which kiddies rides to buy will depend on a number of variables such as the space available and the budget within which the entrepreneur must operate. However, there are certain types of rides that have proven to be extremely popular over the years.

Maximizing Profits - The Most Popular Coin Operated Kiddies Rides
Maximizing Profits – The Most Popular Coin Operated Kiddies Rides

Among the most popular coin operated kiddies rides are the so called base rides. These can be found in malls and arcades across the world. These rides move up and down or back and forth, powered by a motor in the base. The rides are often constructed of a vacuum formed body on the weighted base designed to keep the ride steady. The variety of shapes and forms is almost infinite and a variety of manufacturers offer many different models. Popular designs include animals where the rider is perched on top of the character – typically these rides have an elliptical motion.

Other popular types of base rides include bodies that resemble helicopters, firetrucks, cans and other variants on this theme. The rider typically sits inside the vehicle body.

Base rides also typically feature flashing lights and sound – some of which can be activated by the child during the course of the ride.

The costs of these kiddies rides can vary wildly depending on whether they are purchased new or used. If used the cost is dependent to a large extent on condition.

Some of the more expensive base rides are referred to as ‘character rides’ and feature well known characters from film, television or literature. For well known characters, such as those licensed by Disney the prices can run into five figures – however the are almost guaranteed to produce good revenue flow.

The choice of coin operated kiddies also includes bumper car like rides, trains on captive tracks and the ever popular carousel type rides.

Whatever the choice of ride it is almost certain that the venue where the ride is housed will determine the success or failure of this sort of business venture. High foot traffic and family friendly attractions such as malls with fast food restaurants or cinemas are great choices for the budding coin operated kiddie ride entrepreneur.

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