How To Maintain An Electric Bumper Car Ride

How To Maintain An Electric Bumper Car Ride
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Many people that go to a carnival often ride the electric bumper cars. You will see people lined up for an hour or more just to get their turn behind the wheel. There is something about being able to run into other people with these little carts, bouncing off of them, and then spinning around to do it again. Although you do not have a lot of speed, and you are in an enclosed area with limited mobility, it is one of the most invigorating rides that a person can try out whether they are an adult or a child. In order to keep these rides running, those that own them must maintain them on a regular basis which requires special tools and some expertise. Let’s go over how bumper cars work, and how electric bumper car rides are taken care of by those that have them at the local fair or carnival in your area.

How To Maintain An Electric Bumper Car Ride
How To Maintain An Electric Bumper Car Ride

How Electric Bumper Car Rides Work

These are rides that can be found under a sheltered area, and are powered by electricity. There is a pole that comes down from the ceiling, attached to the bumper cars either in the front or back, and by turning the wheel, and using the accelerator or break, you can maneuver these fun filled rides in all directions. They do not operate on a track, but a flat surface, writing on small wheels on the bottom. They are designed in a very simplistic fashion, allowing you to turn them, make them go forward, backwards, and of course come to a stop if necessary.

How They Are Constructed

They are actually constructed using a frame that is designed to hold one or two people. There is a steering wheel in the front, pedals on the bottom, and a protective rubber wrap that goes around the entire bumper car, providing some protection for not only the people driving them, but the bumper cars themselves. That is why they are able to bounce off of the other cars without being damaged, and this ability to bounce is what makes the ride so fun. They are either constructed with some form of fiberglass, or metal, making them very durable, able to withstand tens of thousands of bumps over the course of years, depending upon the type of material from which they are made.

Maintaining Electric Bumper Cars

there are a few things that need to be maintained over time when using these rides. First of all, the electrical system needs to be maintained and sometimes updated. Without electricity, you would not be able to drive them around in the enclosed area, so these must be checked on a regular basis. The outside of the bumper cars must also be maintained, making sure that the rubber exterior is intact. If not, it can make for collisions that could cause damage to the bumper car itself, and also the people that are riding. Finally, the steering wheel, pedals, seats and steering wheel must be examined from time to time to make sure that they are perfectly functional. Through regular maintenance, they can last for many years, even decades, and provide thousands of hours of fun for patrons that absolutely love to ride bumper cars all the time.

There are likely special mechanics that she are able to do this type of work. They are typically examined at the end of each day. This ensures that they are fully functional, and that safety standards can be met, protecting the people that decide to give them a try. They are very easy to drive, and as long as they are kept up, they can be an asset to any carnival or local fair. One of the most popular rides ever created, electric bumper cars are perfect for people no matter how old they are.

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