Looking For A Commercial Bounce House At Wholesale? Here’s What To Search For

Looking For A Commercial Bounce House At Wholesale? Here’s What To Search For
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Are you searching to buy a commercial bounce house at wholesale? If so, there`s never been a better time to purchase one of these items – and it`s the kind of thing that kids are going to really enjoy, too! But before you splash out thousands of dollars on your bounce house, it`s worth learning what kind of thing you should be looking for.

With this in mind, we`re prepared the following guide to show you the most popular aspects of a bounce house that you`ll need to ensure you have. So let`s get started.

Looking For A Commercial Bounce House At Wholesale
Looking For A Commercial Bounce House At Wholesale

1 – Bouncy floor

The fundamental aspect required of all good bounce houses, commercial or otherwise, is a bouncing floor. This is where the kids can jump up and down, while enjoying the overall bouncy?nature of the house. When you`re deciding on the floor, you need to think about size (so the kids have enough space to play together without getting in each other`s way), as well as the height clearance it provides.

Remember, this bouncy floor is one of the key attractions offered by the bounce house, so take your time with choosing this aspect. Obviously, you can`t afford to get this part wrong, but fortunately, it shouldn`t be difficult to buy a bounce house with a fantastic floor – because it`s often the key selling point.

2 – Slides

Another fun part of the bounce house will be the slide. Even if you`re buying a smaller model, it`s worth finding one that provides a slide – because this provides some variety for the children, and it gives them a break from the constant jumping – which can soon become tiring, even for the most energetic child!

The slide can increase the overall price by some degree – but trust us – it`s worth it.

3 – Climbing walls

Most kids love climbing, and few experience the opportunity to climb safely and securely without the risk of a nasty fall. A commercial bounce house provides the perfect solution, because it`s nice and soft to fall on, due to the bouncy floor.

Choosing a bounce house that offers a climbing wall is a fantastic idea, and it doesn`t usually add too much to the final price – so you get the best of both worlds.

In fact, you`ll soon see all the children queuing up to scramble over the wall, and many will enjoy jumping off the wall and landing on the bouncy floor (which, incidentally, is why it`s important to make sure your bounce house offers plenty of floor space!)

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