Large Ferris Wheels Vs Mini Wheels

Large Ferris Wheels Vs Mini Wheels – Which Is Best For Your Park?

Without a doubt, one of the most popular rides you ever find in an amusement park is the wonderful ferris wheel. Whether you riding a small one or a large one, they undoubtedly one of the best theme park rides ever created, and virtually everyone has a fond memory of riding one at some point in their lives.

But if you a theme park owner, should you purchase a small ini?ferris wheel, or should you opt for the larger iant?version? In this guide, we going to weigh up the pros and cons of each option, so you have a better understand in regards to which will be most appropriate for your park.

Large Ferris Wheels Vs Mini Wheels
Large Ferris Wheels Vs Mini Wheels

To start with, let`s address the benefits of a giant ferris wheel. First of all, the giant size gives your passengers some incredible views of the surrounding landscape – so if your park resides in a beautiful location, you can really take full advantage of this by installing a giant ferris wheel into your park.

What more, a large ferris wheel obviously gives you more room for seats, so you can allow greater volumes of passengers to ride at the same time. From a financial point of view, this represents better value for money – and you be surprised by how busy your ferris wheel will get!

If you trying to re-coup your financial investment as quickly as possible, then ticket sales from a giant ferris wheel are often going to be one of the most important rides you have. In large part thanks to the overwhelming popularity of these rides, don`t be surprised if a giant ferris wheel brings in many new visitors from the surrounding area.

Large Ferris Wheels Vs Mini Wheels
Large Ferris Wheels Vs Mini Wheels

Of course, small and ini?ferris wheels also provide many advantages. One of the most obvious is that they far more affordable, so if you running a small amusement park on a tight budget, this is a great place to start.

The mini ferris wheels tend to have more appeal with younger children, so if these people represent a significant proportion of your clientele, then it`s a wise decision to install a mini ferris wheel to entertain them. What`s more, timid parents are more likely to join their children on a smaller ferris wheel, whereas they may be more inclined to give a giant ferris wheel a miss!

When it comes to style and design, both the giant ferris wheel and the mini ferris wheel have similar advantages. Both types of ferris wheel can feature beautiful color schemes, although the smaller ferris wheels in particular are more suited to dramatic themes – such as making each cabin appear to be a petal of a flower, or perhaps making each of the cabins themed after a particular animal. This kind of design work can become very expensive on a giant ferris wheel – but it`s largely unneeded, anyway.

Overall, it`s safe to say that the humble ferris wheel is one of the best rides you could ever add to your park, and regardless of whether you choose a mini wheel or a giant wheel, you sure to be making an excellent investment.

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