Kids On The Carousel: Three Ways To Keep Them Safe

Kids On The Carousel: Three Ways To Keep Them Safe
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The dazzling merry go-round carousel is by far one of the favorite rides at any carnival, but in all the excitement, it’s easy for people to lose sight of safety. Here are three important considerations when you take your fairground-bound children riding on these make believe, but magical horses.

Choosing A Horse Or Bench

Most children are in awe of the magnificent horses, but that doesn’t automatically mean they are qualified to ride them. While there should be an age and/or height requirement for this ride, make sure your little one has the manual dexterity and developed balance to ride the horse. Even though it may look easy, it takes some skill! If you’re not sure or if your child needs a test drive to acclimate with the motion, take a seat on the bench. It’s still a lot of fun and the test run can be very useful.

Kids On The Carousel: Three Ways To Keep Them Safe
Kids On The Carousel: Three Ways To Keep Them Safe

Supporting Your Little Rider

You’ll likely see many little riders with a grownup standing beside them, provided the operator of the ride considers this safe. While all your attention may be focused on the child, be careful not to neglect your own safety. With your arms extended to support a rider, you are vulnerable to losing your balance. Firmly position your feet and hold onto the vertical pole controlling the horse. You can still protect your child be wrapping an arm around them, or simply resting your hand on their back. Riding together is fun, but it’s easy to lose track of your own safety, which actually puts others at risk. Keep yourself sturdy first, then reach out to your little rider.

Getting On And Off The Carousel Safely

The first thing a child is likely to do upon dismounting the carousel horse is run, so you’ve got to keep a grip on them. Don’t expect to be able to shout commands for compliance, as the music and crowd will drown out your voice. It is therefore essential that you instruct your kids before even entering the carnival how important it is to exercise measures of safety. Walking around rides, both getting on and off, and waiting for the ride to come to a complete stop are two issues often neglected by excited children. It’s up to you to make sure they are aware of the rules and that they have sufficient motivation to adhere to them!

It’s always your priority to keep your kids safe, so don’t let the lights, noise and fun of the fair interfere with the great job you do. Talk to them before, during and after trips to the carnival, so that fun is not compromised by threats to their safety.

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