Why Kids And Adults Love The Pirate Ship Ride

Why Kids And Adults Love The Pirate Ship Ride
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Pirates are more popular today than they have ever been in history. Which is no surprise as they really weren’t too nice of guys if you would happen to read a history book. However, people are flocking to the movies to cheer on Captain Jack Sparrow and his voyages on the Black Pearl. While Captain Hook is searching Neverland for Peter Pan on the Jolly Roger.

While you may love the pirate lifestyle, you don’t have to give up your way of life and ship out to the high seas. In fact, all you need to do is head down to your nearest amusement park and seek out the pirate ship which should be docked not too far from the entrance.

This is unlike any traditional pirate ship that may have explored the high seas in the golden age of pirates. This pirate ship swings back and forth, giving the rider the feeling of traveling on a pendulum. However, with each swing the pirate ship seems to get higher and the speed seems to increase. With each swing, the screams on the ship intensify and eyes begin to get covered up. While this may not have been intense as a ship at sea during a storm the thrill is still there.

The swinging pirate ship has been visiting kids and adults in amusement parks for much longer than you might expect. She made her debut in 1893 and was known back then as “The Ocean Wave”.

Why Kids And Adults Love The Pirate Ship Ride
Why Kids And Adults Love The Pirate Ship Ride

The pirate ship has had many changes in its designs and appearances since those early years at circuses and amusement parks.

Today the pirate ship features a sleek design, paints, and sound system. It is designed to make the rider feel as though they are soaring through the sky on an adventure of a lifetime.

As times have changed so have the pirate ships. We may see Viking ships, flying carpets, even UFO’s using this same principle of design in many theme parks across the country. however, these are such popular rides the thrill never really wears out. People just like to see new models that might spark a new adventure in their mind. And with most of these pirate ships being family friendly it is a great way for a family to have some fun together at the theme park. The pirate ship should not be too intense or too slow for any individual, it has an appeal that works for just about everyone.

However, with new designs comes new features. Some of the newer pirate ships that are being released are a little more devilish. In these ships, you have the opportunity to stand up in cages as the pirate ship begins to swing back and forth. If that is not enough of a thrill there are several that do not stop with the spinning and just go upside down. That is more than enough to make Jack Sparrow lose his favorite bottle of rum!

Pirate ships have been enjoying hundreds of years as a favorite family attraction. There is no evidence that they are going to stop anytime soon. SO grab your eye patch, get your “Arghhhh” sounding perfect and take a drive to your nearest pirate ship today and make a few fond family memories.

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