Category: Kiddie Rides

Category: Kiddie Rides

Mini Electric Kiddie Train Rides With Tracks For Sale
Image February 28, 2017 Amusement Park Trains,Kiddie Rides,Machanical Rides amusementrides

Electric trains are nice and they are made for children who are hoping to ride on a train themselves. They will see them in the movies and everywhere they go, but they might not have been in one recently. This is when you know it is time to look at a mini electric kiddie train

The General History Of The Carousel And Beyond
Image February 27, 2017 Carnival Rides,Kiddie Rides,Machanical Rides amusementrides

One of the most long-lasting rides that has ever been created, used in amusement parks all over the world, is the carousel. Whether it is referred to as a roundabout as they say in the United Kingdom, or a merry-go-round as it is referred to the US, it is a ride that is very popular

Make Money From Carnival Train Rides
Image February 24, 2017 Kiddie Rides,Machanical Rides amusementrides

Miniature trains have been one of the most popular carnival rides across the world for generations. Even in today’s environment where electronic and Internet based entertainment has become the norm the beauty and charm of the miniature ride along train has led to them remaining a favorite with both adults and children. The carnival train

Electric Trains For Children: Why You Need One
Image February 24, 2017 Kiddie Rides amusementrides

The fascination with trains has been around for as long as trains have been running. Kids love them, and so do the adults. Since trains are so very popular with such a wide range of people, there are many types to choose from when you want a train of your own. A popular train today

Choosing The Best Bumper Cars For Your Theme Park
Image February 22, 2017 Bumper Cars,Kiddie Rides,Theme Park Rides amusementrides

Bumper cars are a ride that everyone loves, from grandparents to children. It is fun driving around and hitting people with your car while you avoid trying to get hit. Little kids love to take the wheel and they feel like they are in control and driving an adult car. The ride is thrilling and

Bumper Car Rides For Kids ?The Ultimate Guide
Image February 22, 2017 Bumper Cars,Kiddie Rides amusementrides

Bumper car rides for kids are certainly one of the most accessible and enjoyable rides you are ever likely to find in an amusement park. Of course, the thrill and excitement that can be had from driving these cars around is always fun to a child, and the added excitement of being able to bump

Finding The Best Bumper Car Manufacturers in China For Your Quality Equipment
Image February 21, 2017 Bumper Cars,Kiddie Rides amusementrides

Bumper Car Manufacturers in China When you want to be sure that you are able to get the most out of your bumper cars, you will need to be sure that you shop around in the right manner. If this is what you are looking to do, there are some tips that you will be

Increase Fun And Profits With Bumper Boats
Image February 21, 2017 Kiddie Rides,Theme Park Rides,Water Bumper Boats amusementrides

When you visit a theme park, you will quickly notice that bumper boats, if you are lucky enough to have them, are one of the main draws for younger kids. Bumper boats are bumper cars on water. Riding them is like having your own personal speedboat, only you get to have fun crashing it into

Diversify Your Rides With A Mini Ferris Wheel
Image January 12, 2017 Ferris Wheels,Kiddie Rides amusementrides

When you are in charge of buying and choosing rides for a theme park, it is important to make sure that you have diversity in the rides. You have to have rides that appeal to everyone, from young children to adults. Mini ferris wheels are perfect if you need a ride to round out the

Buying Battery Operated Bumper Cars For An Indoor Amusement Park
Image January 11, 2017 Bumper Cars,Kiddie Rides amusementrides

Running an indoor amusement park can be challenging, since you always need to come up with new attractions to bring in more customers. If you just have the same rides year after year, people will eventually get bored and go elsewhere. You need to mix things up and look for exciting new rides that will