Category: Kiddie Rides

Category: Kiddie Rides

My Dream Come True
Image July 7, 2018 Amusement Park Trains,Kiddie Rides amusementrides

My dream has just come true because my wife has purchased me a miniature train for my backyard. I have always dreamed of owning my own train but obviously this would be impossible because a train is too big and it is very expensive. However, there is now a company in China that makes miniature

Why You Need Motorized Bumper Boats For Your Theme Park
Image June 8, 2018 Kiddie Rides,Water Bumper Boats amusementrides

Nothing says summer more than the opening of the theme park. Once the theme park opens its doors, you know summer is here. One of the more popular rides on hot summer days is the bumper boat ride. This ride is a twist on the classic bumper car ride. Instead of bumper cars, riders can

Mini Thrill Rides For Sale
Image June 6, 2018 Kiddie Rides,Thrill Rides amusementrides

This is one of those rides that is new and fun. They used to have a pirate ship that would go back and forth like a pendulum. Many amusement parks still keep that around because it is a classic and one all generations can connect to. Yet, things have changed up since then and now

Beauty Of Mini Ferris Wheel For Kids
Image June 6, 2018 Ferris Wheels,Kiddie Rides,Machanical Rides amusementrides

Being a kid is wonderful and you are always going to be heading to the local park in order to have a bit of fun, yet that is not always going to work out in your favor when you are not even patient enough to take a glance at the options in front of you.

Enhance The Theme Park Kiddie Area With A Mini Ferris Wheel
Image June 6, 2018 Ferris Wheels,Kiddie Rides amusementrides

Ferris wheels are classic and they are a ride that every child loves. They are hard to resist because they are so colorful and happy looking. Children can’t wait to ride Ferris wheels and they are often one of the most sought after rides in the kiddie section. If you don’t have one, you need

Do you need a jump and smile ride?
Image March 24, 2017 Jump & Smile,Kiddie Rides,Machanical Rides amusementrides

If you want to be sure that you are able to make the most out of your amusement park, there are a variety of benefits that you will be able to enjoy. If you are looking into learning more about how this can be a possibility for you, this article will pinpoint exactly why this

The Difference Between Small And Mini Ferris Wheel Rides
Image March 24, 2017 Ferris Wheels,Kiddie Rides amusementrides

When it comes to Ferris wheels, you’ll generally recognize the words large, small or mini. Oftentimes, you’ll find listings for mini Ferris wheel rides for sale, but not for small Ferris wheels. The fact is that small and mini describe the same type of ride, but one term is used more commonly than the other.

The Design Of The Mini Size Ferris Wheel Ride
Image March 22, 2017 Ferris Wheels,Kiddie Rides amusementrides

If you are a fan of riding carnival rides, you have probably had a lot of fun on a Ferris Wheel. In fact, when people arrive at a state fair, or one of the larger amusement parks located around the world, it’s one of the very first rides that people look for. It’s hard to

Where To Find Affordable Coin Operated Rides For Sale?
Image March 21, 2017 Kiddie Rides amusementrides

When you take your child to the shopping center, or a local mall, you are bound to see those coin operated rides everywhere. They come in many different sizes and shapes including helicopters, hot air balloons, fighter jets and even little rocket ships. For some reason, children love to be in these rides. It is

Improve Your Theme Park With Happy Car Rides
Image February 28, 2017 Kiddie Rides,Leswing Car Rides,New Park Rides amusementrides

The kids area is often one of the most happening parts of the theme park and you want to keep it interesting by always having a new ride each season. One of the hottest new rides for kids is the happy car ride. This ride has a unique high-tech look and both kids and adults