Invention Of The Ferris Wheel

Invention Of The Ferris Wheel
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The Ferris wheel is a staple in most amusement parks these days and has been around for a long time because of the value it has to add. Most people are going to go to an amusement park with the hopes of seeing one of these around and they are going to have a smile on their face when they do get a chance to ride on it. Let’s take a look at the history behind this ride and what it has to do with amusement parks. What is the reason for it being popular? Here is a look at these questions and more.

George Washington Ferris

It was created during the 1890s and was made by a man named George Washington Ferris. He was the engineer behind it and felt this was a great ride to set up and would be easy as well.

It was a great choice for him even though at the time, it was a costly venture which came out to be around $300,000.

It was quite the sight and everyone wanted to get a chance to ride in it. The wheel that was set up at the time could hold more than 1300 passengers.

Invention Of The Ferris Wheel
Invention Of The Ferris Wheel

Built For The Fair

The reason for this being created in the first place had to do with the World’s Fair that was taking place within his home state. They had signed him up to create something that would blow people away and would be the main ride in place.

He put together this solution and felt it would be quite the option as those at the top would be able to see everything.

It would be something that would attract one and all. This is exactly what it did as soon as the World Fair commenced.

Moved Around

The Ferris wheel at the time was moved around as it was one of those things that everyone was talking about and raving about. They wanted to get a chance to ride in it as well and that is when they took it to St.Louis next.

Over time and as the century went by, this has become widespread across the world and is an engineering treat for one and all to see.

It comes in a range of sizes and is often the heart of the set up especially at amusement parks around the globe.

These are just some of the historical facts in association with the Ferris wheel and all that it entails. Most people don’t know about these facts and will appreciate how long it has been around for and how advances have been made over time to ensure it looks even better. These are changes that have been made to ensure each wheel looks unique and has its own aura. This is something that has made it a wonderful part of engineering around the world and a treat for those who can appreciate how it functions and the physics behind it from beginning to end.

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