An Introduction To The Chair Swing Amusement Park Ride

An Introduction To The Chair Swing Amusement Park Ride

Going to amusement parks is one of the most highly effective and stimulating family activities. Both local and national parks offer a variety of rides, games, and foods, thus accommodating individuals of all ages. Currently, park rides are broken into two large categories: the thrill rides and the child rides. The child or kiddies rides are less dangerous and more suited to young children; however, the thrill rides can be seen as less secure, more exciting, and more suited to older children or adults. One of the most traditional type of thrill ride is that of the swing ride or chair swing ride. This article will provide information about the chair swing ride and how it can benefit one’s day out at the amusement park.

The chair swing ride is a new twist of the swing ride or swing carousels. It consists of several chairs being suspended from a rotating carousel top. Unlike other thrill rides where the cabins and chairs are attached to a static arm, the chairs of this chair swing ride are attached using steel chairs which allow for the swinging effect. The chairs are placed around the large carousel top and the location of the chair will determine the speed and distance of the rider.

An Introduction To The Chair Swing Amusement Park Ride
An Introduction To The Chair Swing Amusement Park Ride

This swing ride is comprised of three different elements: the swing chair, the central supporting column, and the overhead carousel roof. The roof is created using fiber glass enforced plastic and is raised on different cables within the central column. It is these cables that allow the roof to spin and potentially tilt, as is seen in the larger rotating chair swing rides. To ensure safety, the ride is operated manually by a trained professional; however, the full operation is based on a technical engine located at the bottom of the column.

A unique feature of most chair swing rides is the rotation of the overhead roof. As is mentioned above, the roof rotates to allow the chairs to swing and this can be done with a tilting or static motion. Furthermore, the rotation can be completed in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions; thus providing the rider with two different swinging sensations.

When considering all amusement park rides, the question of safety always arises. The chair swing ride may seem dangerous, but it is very safe park ride. The high quality materials and steady attachment settings make it very durable and unlikely to cause injury. The manual operation also allows speed to be adjusted accordingly.

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