Inflatable Obstacle Courses For Children And Adults

Inflatable Obstacle Courses For Children And Adults
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Inflatable obstacle courses are one of the colorful entertainment used in any occasion. People of all ages can use and enjoy them. Most inflatable obstacle courses are used for outdoor events.

An inflatable obstacle course may include ladders, slides, pop-ups, jumping areas and other obstacles. Some may also have dual lanes to allow two people to race.

Different Classifications Of The Inflatable Obstacle Courses
Obstacles courses have different classifications. They include the following:

Inflatable Obstacle Courses For Children And Adults
Inflatable Obstacle Courses For Children And Adults

1. Inflatable Obstacle Courses for children

These are perfect for children aged 6 to 11. They are also called as junior obstacle courses, and they are good for all types of events. They come in two different types which include:

a. 360-degree combo

This type of junior obstacle course has only one way for entrance and exit located at the front of the unit. The children can enter and exit in the same way so the parents or chaperons will be able to keep an eye on them.

b. Two-way obstacle

The second type of junior obstacle course has entrance at unit front and an exit at the back. This is great of racing games because it is easy to identify who has already finished and it allows the next person to enter easily.

2. Inflatable obstacle courses for adults

They are also called as tropical obstacle courses. They come in varying lengths; 25 feet, 35 feet, 55 feet, 60 feet and 135 feet and may include different obstacles depending on the manufacture creativity. Some of the examples of obstacles are squeeze walls, crawl throughs, jump throughs, pop-ups and rock climbing.

3. Race Car Obstacle Courses

Such obstacle courses are used particularly during car racing events. They are perfect for two-person races for kids and adults. Car enthusiasts really love to have such obstacle courses during birthday parties and other types of events.

Factors To Consider In Choosing An Inflatable Obstacle Course

Before choosing an inflatable obstacle course for an upcoming party, you should consider first the following factors:

1. The theme of the event

As much as possible, choose a design that will match the theme of the party or event. Obstacle courses are available in different designs. Matching them in the party event makes it more inviting and interesting for the guests.

2. The size of the course and obstacles

They should be suitable for the ages, heights and sizes of the guests who will use the inflatable course. There should also be hand grips or other ways for children to climb up easily. Make sure that they are safe also.

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