Groovy Disco Rides

Groovy Disco Rides
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There are many things to do at an amusement park. The number one thing that most people look forward to is the rides. However, many may overlook some of the rides that harken back to past decades.

A great way to take a trip back in time while enjoying some vertical loops and spinning action is going on disco rides. You can read more about these below.

Many people are not sure what these rides are. They are essentially rides that share the disco theme. They have all the “fly” colors and patterns that were most prominent during this 1970’s genre of music.

Their colors are bright and seem a bit similar to, although not as wild and abstract as, the psychedelic colors and patterns of the 1960’s.

Some of the rides may feature brightly colored neon lights that are not much different than the lights that were shown on the disco floors.

Groovy Disco Rides
Groovy Disco Rides

These rides usually have these themes on roller coasters, but some may be the spinning top rides. One unique way that these are tied into a ride is through the merry-go-round since it’s easy to show the disco effects on something that spins.

That is because the spinning action of some of the rides coupled with the bright and distinct colors leads to a similar effect achieved by the disco balls. These would spin 360 degrees with colored lights above the floors in the disco halls during the 70’s.

A common pattern that you can find on these rides is the brightly colored beach ball patterns. This is because the floors of disco halls looked similar to them due to the spinning lights that were used above the dance floors.

Light effects were very common during this time period. You could see shapes in the lights on the floor like hearts and stars. Several of these rides go for the same effects.

This effect captures some of that feeling of the genre for both those that are riding the ride and for those that are watching.

Depending on the area, since many places had their own experiences with disco, they may include some fun character designs on these rides.

These characters may not necessarily be wearing clothing that looks like it came from the movie,”Saturday Night Fever,” but they may be wearing some of the other bright outfits that were often worn during the time period.

Of course, what would a disco ride be without music? The majority of these rides not only have the lights and effects that are reminiscent of the disco dance halls, but they also have the music to tie the whole thing together.

If you, your family, or your friends are familiar with this musical genre, then you may just here some of the most popular tracks from that time played while you are on the ride.

As you can see, there is much more to do at a an amusement park than go to the same old modern rides that you always do. How about taking a trip back in time to a “far out” time period with some cool rides?

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