The General History Of The Carousel And Beyond

The General History Of The Carousel And Beyond
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One of the most long-lasting rides that has ever been created, used in amusement parks all over the world, is the carousel. Whether it is referred to as a roundabout as they say in the United Kingdom, or a merry-go-round as it is referred to the US, it is a ride that is very popular with children and adults worldwide. There are some that are very small designed for just a few kids, whereas there are others that can hold a multitude. The following information will provide you with a general history of the carousel, and how the future looks for this particular ride.

Origins Of The Carousel

This ride was actually something that originated back in the Middle East and in Europe, associated with jousting traditions at the time. It was a game of sorts, one that was practiced during the buys in teen Empire, a device that serves as a training mechanism for the Calvary, allowing them to prepare for battle. Today, it has become a ride that people can use. It still uses the traditional horses on most of them. They turn in a clockwise fashion in the United Kingdom, whereas in America they go counterclockwise. However, despite the differences in direction, countries all over the world have created many modern carousels that have captivated the imagination. Let’s look at some of these modern ones, how they came into being, and then finish with what the future holds for this iconic carnival ride.

The General History Of The Carousel And Beyond
The General History Of The Carousel And Beyond

Modern Carousels

It was during the nineteenth century that an actual platform was developed for the carousel where the chariots and animals could be affixed to the floor. Later on, it became a very popular fixture at carnivals and fairs, which later led to the horses going up and down. This was only possible because of the gears and cranks that were added, everything revolving around the central pole. Eventually, electric motors became part of each apparatus, along with lights so that it could be written after evening hours. This became one of the most innovative rides at that time, and despite all of the fantastic rides that are available today, it still has stood the test of time is being one of the most popular rides for children all over the world.

The Future Of Carousels

Carousels are looking very good for the future. In fact, they have come a long way in the last hundred years. Many notable ones have been made including the largest one in the world Phantasialand, located in Germany. As more innovations continue due to modern technology, it is possible that holograms may also be incorporated. Perhaps instead of simply going a round and waving at their parents who are taking pictures, the children will be treated to a fantasy surrounding them, making it feel as if they are riding through a magical land. The future definitely looks promising for this ride that simply will not go away, one that is destined to be at every carnival and amusement park as long as children enjoy riding horses on a carousel and can still make believe.

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