Fun-Sized Enjoyment With Kids Bumper Cars

Fun-Sized Enjoyment With Kids Bumper Cars
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Summer fun for the whole family is the key to enjoying ventures to the amusement park. Taking that first roller coaster ride is a rite of passage for many kids.

Parents become uncomfortably aware of the extreme age difference of their children at certain times. The amusement park measures your kids and may reject them from rides.

For your younger kids, baby through toddler, this trip makes them feel left out. Suddenly your 11-year old is getting to ride on the roller coaster with dad, and the three-year old is stuck on the sidelines, hanging out with grandma in the stroller.

This is where you are a smart parent. You get to learn here. Back up and plan better. Make sure wherever you are going that they have age-appropriate and size-appropriate rides for all your kids.

Some parks boast a whole host of pint-sized rides, from the swings, to carousels, to smaller and less ferocious roller coasters, to kids bumper cars. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors to spark the imagination.

Fun-Sized Enjoyment With Kids Bumper Cars
Fun-Sized Enjoyment With Kids Bumper Cars

Some operations turn out the lights, and turn on the ambient lighting. A light beam here and there adds excitement, exhilaration, and mystique for the kids. They squeal with delight going out on the floor on an all-kids ride that is made just for them.

Most of the bumper cars for kids are created solely for the littlest riders. It is one time where the little ones get to enjoy their own car, without being told that they are too small.

Some cars are open enough that smaller adults may give it a go. If you have a child who is prone to freak outs when mom or dad are on the sidelines, riding along in the bumper cars may save you a meltdown, and make for a more enjoyable day overall.

Another option is the two-person bumper cars. This allows you to ride in an adult-sized car that lets your son or daughter ride along with you. It makes them feel included in the adult-sized world, while their brother takes to the big roller coasters for the first time.

Bumper cars come in two basic varieties, based upon how they operate. They are either battery- or electric-powered and the ride usually lasts a few minutes. While on vacation, you may find beach-side or lakeside resorts feature these rides indoors as a rainy day attraction. Others have them right on the boardwalk, as a part of a full day of fun in the sun and sand.

If your kids become obsessed with bumper cars after visiting the beach or amusement park, you have another parental secret weapon. It turns out there are now remote-controlled bumper cars that kids can operate at home.

Now you are reassured that you can find activities for the whole family at the next amusement park you visit. Look forward to enjoying the day rather than dreading the power struggles and rejection of size limitations on your family’s next outing.

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