Finding A Safe Quiet And Environmentally Friendly Mall Train

Finding A Safe Quiet And Environmentally Friendly Mall Train
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If you have ever been to a large shopping mall, you have likely seen what is typically referred to as a Mall train. These are very similar in appearance and functionality to a trackless train that you will see at a county fair or a carnival that people take their families to for fun. Some of the largest malls in the world, whether you are in England, the Philippines, or in the United States will have these trains providing transportation and fun for the families that are shopping, a unique experience that everybody seems to enjoy. One of the concerns that environmentally oriented people have with these particular vehicles is that they are operated indoors. Depending upon the type of power that these trains will use, it could actually create a hazardous environmental problem for those that are shopping. Let’s look at how these are built, what they typically look like, and how you can identify a safe quiet and environmentally friendly Mall train if you ever have the pleasure of riding in one.

Finding A Safe Quiet And Environmentally Friendly Mall Train
Finding A Safe Quiet And Environmentally Friendly Mall Train

What Is A Mall Train?

Typically these are vehicles that are operated outdoors, usually referred to as Dotto or Choo-Choo trains. The name given to these vehicles, designed to provide people with fun filled transportation, can vary from country to country. Their appearance is usually designed based upon their use, specifically where they are used. For instance, if you are at a carnival, with very bright colors, consisting of a locomotive in the front that propels the train forward, and carriages which provide the seating for the people that it will take for a ride. If it is at a county fair, a place where children tend to be with their parents, they will have very bright colors in a childlike appearance. However, if you are using one of these at an indoor setting such as a shopping mall, they are going to be just a little different. The appearance will be more formal, perhaps neutral colors, designed to shuttle people from one end of a facility to another. Since they do not run on tracks, the drivers can easily maneuver through crowds as they are taking passengers to different locations in the shopping mall, and are usually painted in colors that can be easily seen.

How Are They Constructed?

The locomotive in front is much more similar to what you would find in appearance and construction to a glorified golf cart, one that has the capacity to pull tens of thousands of pounds. There will be a hook up on the back where the carts or carriages can be attached, allowing passengers to be shuttled to different destinations. Unlike those that you will find at a carnival, there is typically an absence of a roof or top since indoors there is no chance for precipitation. Additionally, having this open view makes it easier for people to look around at the different stores within the shopping mall as they are going along, helping to improve the possibility of making potential sales.

Environmentally Friendly Mall Trains

Obviously these trains will not have combustion engines which would lead to the production of carbon monoxide. They are powered almost exclusively by electricity, charged every few hours so that they can provide continual service. Depending upon the size of the mall, there could be several of these vehicles operating throughout the day, allowing people to get on board every 5 to 10 minutes. Due to the fact that they operate using electricity, they will have little to no environmental impact, and are completely safe to use in indoor settings such as shopping malls that are almost always completely enclosed.

Now that you know the difference between a typical trackless train and a Mall train, you can see that the latter is designed to be environmentally safe. You can also look forward to riding on one if you are ever lucky enough to go to some of the largest malls in the world, something that might be fun for your kids to ride, but will definitely help you navigate throughout the entire mall without completely exhausting yourself.

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