Fighting Shark Island Rides for Sale – Beston Amusement

Fighting Shark Island Rides for Sale – Beston Amusement

Fight Shark Island Rides for sale

The fight shark island rides are a kind of newly designed spinning amusement equipment and the rides can accommodate 24 people. The fight shark island rides belong to the kiddie amusement rides and it is composed of several sharks, dolphins, a variety of fishes, etc., which seems like the riders are on the sea. The characters are painted with non-fading durable painting and the rides have a very beautiful appearance.

Fight Shark Island Rides for sale
Fight Shark Island Rides for sale

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Beston manufactures the fight shark island rides for sale with high quality and competitive prices, which are very famous around the world. The fight shark island rides, as the rotary amusement rides, is very interesting and can attract many kiddies to come to play the rides, which can bring much more benefits for your amusement parks. When your fight shark island rides start working, on one hand, riders can rotate with the cabins; on other hand, riders can shoot the various characters on the island with water gun or laser gun on board. When the targets are shot, the targets can do some funny actions, such as spraying water or ball and other movements. It is very lovely and interesting! There is a shark in the middle of the fight shark island rides, which can eject water to attact the tourists when it is shot. In this way, riders can better enjoy the whole procedure, which is really very cool and funny! This kind of amusement park equipment is very suitable for amusement parks, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, kindergarten, shopping malls, residential community, water parks etc..

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Fight shark island rides for sale from Beston amusement equipment are always widely welcomed by customers from all over the world and you can customize your fight shark island ride as you want. You will never regret to purchasing the Beston amusement park rides. Beston also supplies other amusement equipment for you to choose. When you are looking for quality fight shark island rides, you can choose Beston and we are the top and the most professional fight shark island ride manufacturer in China. Please contact us freely.
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Advantages of Beston Fight Shark Island Rides:

1. Beston fight shark island rides for sale are good for people’s health and intelligence.
2. The rides have the characteristics of original design, unique structure, saving energy and beautiful appearance.
3. Strong inner and swing constructions and vivid perfect FRP parts.
4. Decorated with colorful lighting and the beautiful music in control box to attract kids.
5. Motor transmission system, low noise, smooth surface of track and long lifetime.

Technical Parameter of Beston Fight Shark Island Rides:

Product name Fight Shark Island Rides Model number SYD-24
Area Diameter 14 m Power 16 kw
Capacity 24 seats Cabin 12 cabins
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