Fancy Tea Cup Rides

Fancy Tea Cup Rides
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Many people have a favorite ride when it comes to going to an amusement park. Many of these people may say something about the roller coaster, but there is another popular ride for those that do and don’t like roller coasters.

That ride would be the tea cup rides. Keep reading to learn a bit more about them.

These rides are exactly what they sound like. They are a ride that is made up of tea cups. That may sounds a bit odd since these are just household pieces that you drink from, but they have been designed to be an enjoyable ride concept.

Most of these rides share a similar design. They are constructed of large tea cups for people to sit then and then attached to a floor that looks like that of a merry-go-around.

However, the floor is not the only thing that spins 360 degrees. The cups themselves also travel around the spinning floor that is created to look like a turntable.

Fancy Tea Cup Rides
Fancy Tea Cup Rides

Each cup is usually attached to a round saucer under it that will spin the whole thing 360 degrees. The cup’s spinning mechanism is not that dissimilar from the bearing of a car wheel.

Each park has its own speed control when it comes to the cup, but most of them start slowly. After they start slowly, they generally pick up speed as they go around on the floor.

That may sound like a fast or nausea-inducing ride design, but these are specially designed to prevent that. Usually, you will see small children with their parents riding on these since they cannot ride the bigger rides.

However, it is not uncommon to see adults alone on them that either just rode the larger rides or that do not enjoy those others rides.

Many of them were designed and targeted for that purpose, so those cannot spin over eight times per minute.

Due to the overly round designs of these rides, the parks can get very creative with them. They can make them look like posh pieces to fancy tea sets.

The piece in the center of the ride may include other pieces like the tea pot or they may include a covering similar to a merry-go-round.

They can also make them look more modern. If they are targeting young children, they usually include bright or soft pastel colors.

Depending on the park, there may also be characters in the actual rides. They can sit on top of the spinning mechanism in the cup or they can sit directly in the cup next to the customers.

Since the rides are mostly targeted toward children, they typically have bright designs with happy or surprised facial expressions that look like they are enjoying the rides.

As you can see, tea cup rides can be just as fun or even more fun than some of the faster amusement park rides. They are targeted towards those that want a fun but slower ride.

The amount of creativity that can be put into these rides is nearly endless, and riding them is a must for any amusement park trip.

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