Facts to Know about Bumper Cars

Facts to Know about Bumper Cars
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There is no better way to introduce a child to the world automobiles –and Newton`t third law of motion– than to put them behind the mini wheel of a bumper car. Sure you could try to explain the dynamics of torque and traction –and how the force one body on another is met with equal and opposite force returned on the first body — but all this is much simpler when experienced first hand.

The Thrilling Bumper Car Ride

In order to fully and safely enjoy the effects of Newton`t 3rd law, bumper cars were created to collide with each other repeatedly without sustaining damage or injuring the occupants. Each car is fitted with a thick rubber bumper that runs all around car, protecting it from blunt force by diffusing the impact.

Additionally, the bumper car was not built for high speeds. The car runs on a simple gel celled battery. The energy provided from the batteries is transformed into the kinetic energy needed to propel the car around the enclosure.

Multiple cars are needed to make the activity as fun as possible. As the cars are driven into each other the collision has an amusing effect on the occupants. The occupants experience a sudden and dramatic change in motion as the velocity of another car is transferred to their bodies.

Though the movement of the cars is suddenly affected the driver`s movement is not and they may continue their trajectory before bouncing off the padded steering wheel or being restrained by a safety harness –much to the amusement of onlookers and participants alike.

The collisions are complicated –and therefore even more amusing– when multiple vehicles are involved in a single collision. The different momentums interacting on the vehicles and drivers moving in different directions mean that more force and motion will be working to create situations that would be tragic on the freeway –but hilarious and entertaining in a bumper car.

Facts to Know about Bumper Cars
Facts to Know about Bumper Cars

Features of a Reliable Bumper Car

A bumper car is meant to take some bouncing around and it is important that the features that allow this to be done without the risk of bodily harm. Operating bumper cars with faulty safety features comes with the risk of whiplash and other possible injuries.

Be sure the bumper cars you operate are regularly maintained and repaired. A good bumper car is…


Built with a sturdy rubber and vinyl low pressure shock absorption apparatus the bumper car should be safe from a collision on all sides. This allows the cars to collide with no problem. The seat, steering wheel and seat built should also be well padded for the driver`s protection.

Fully Responsive

The bumper car is a suitable vehicle for even a 4 year old to handle. The cars can turn a complete 360 degrees in one spot –so a single motorist is not caught in a corner. This also eliminates the less attractive sides of driving like traffic jams and road hogs.

All in all, bumper cars are the best spot for interactive amusement park fun, vehicular politics and even a crash course in physics.

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