Factors To Consider When Buying An Inflatable Castle

Factors To Consider When Buying An Inflatable Castle
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The primary concern of each customer who is planning to buy an inflatable castle is the safety of the unit. Aside from that, there are other factors you should look for to make sure that you select the right unit for you. Such factors are provided below:

1. Size and weight

The typical sizes for inflatable castles are 13?x 13?and 15?x 15? If you are planning to have rental units, consider buying bigger inflatable castles, but if you will just place it in the backyard for your kids, opt for smaller units. If you will be the one to set them up, consider the weight also. Make sure that it will not be difficult to transfer the unit to your house because of its heaviness.

2. Material

Choose an inflatable castle that is made from PVC tarpaulin or woven oxford cloth. For rental purposes, select a PVC-made castle. It is a lot stronger and is made to last longer. If you will be putting the inflatable castle at home, then you should select one that抯 made from woven oxford cloth. They are easy to manage because they are not heavy.

Factors To Consider When Buying An Inflatable Castle
Factors To Consider When Buying An Inflatable Castle

3. Capacity of the inflatable castle

The capacity of the castle can be checked by looking at its maximum weight capacity. Add the weight of the children who will use the unit to check if it is strong enough to carry them.

4. Outlet Compatibility

Check the type of outlet of the inflatable castle. It should match the outlets you have in your place. The outlets for inflatable castles usually do not match the standard wall outlets so you should pay careful attention to this.

5. Warranty Period

Extended warranty periods are great especially if the units will be used on a daily basis. Make sure that the units you will purchase have a decent warranty so you can have them repaired or replaced when needed.

6. Additional Features

It is more fun to use inflatable bouncers with different extra features like slides, tunnels, obstacles, climbing walls and bouncing floor. You should also remember that such features may add to the cost of the unit.

7. Cost

The cost of the unit must fit your budget. Even though the unit is cheap, it should be of high quality.

Inflatable castles can add fun and excitement to every party or event for children and adults. When planning to purchase one, you should check the size, weight, capacity, extra features and the warranty period of the unit to make sure that you really get what you pay for.

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