Factors To Consider When Buying Frog Hopper Rides

Factors To Consider When Buying Frog Hopper Rides
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The frog hopper ride is one of the most exciting rides for kids that you can see in amusement parks. This is also called as the jumping frog. You can also see it on indoor and outdoor playgrounds shopping malls. It can accommodate 6 children and 1 adult. It elevates the riders up to 18 feet and drops them down while they are on their seats. The elevating and dropping sequence repeats for several times.

Only those who are 36-inch tall are allowed to ride a Frog Hopper. Both the children and adults enjoy this amusement ride because it is also colorful and filled with LED lights that make it appear more beautiful.

What Should You Consider When Buying Frog Hopper Rides?

Listed below are the factors that you should consider when you are to purchase a new frog hopper ride:

1. The manufacturer

The amusement ride manufacturer should be on the industry for a long time. Customers should testify on the quality and safety of their services because such ride will be used for the children. The manufacturer should be able to meet the demands of their customers.

Factors To Consider When Buying Frog Hopper Rides
Factors To Consider When Buying Frog Hopper Rides

2. The materials

The parts should be made of quality glass fiber reinforced plastics. The steel used should be thick to ensure that the ride will last long. The ride should be equipped with LED lights and durable painting. The parts should be packed in plastic film wooden cases on delivery.

3. The safety

Make sure that the ride elevates and drops slowly and smoothly with the help of the reducer and nitrogen pressure. The seats should secure the passengers and the safety gears should be properly installed.

4. The after-purchase services

The ride should have a warranty period of at least 12 months, during which the customers can replace the defective parts without charges. There should professional technicians available in the company to check and help with the installation of the purchased frog hopper ride.

Before buying a frog hopper ride for your amusement park, make sure that you check first the quality of the materials used by the manufacturer. Doing so will ensure the safety of riders. The best frog hopper rider is the one which has anti-corrosion paint that prolongs the life of the ride. Make sure that it operates and moves smoothly. Go for the manufacturers that continuously develop the newest and quality amusement rides.

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