Electric Bumper Cars For Sale: What To Consider When Buying An Electric Bumper Car

Electric Bumper Cars For Sale: What To Consider When Buying An Electric Bumper Car
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An electric bumper car is a type of electric flat car that draws its power from a ceiling or floor, and which is turned on or off by an operator remotely. Bumper cars are available in different designs and most of them use power that is supplied in two basic methods.

Older versions normally use a conductive ceiling and/or floor, with each have a separate power polarity. The power is provided through contacts under the car which touches the floor and a mounted pole that touches the ceiling. These two complete the circuit allowing for the car to move.

Newer bumper cars use alternating metal strips that cross the floor and which are separated by insulating spacers with no ceiling grid. It is the alternating strips that supply the current to the cars. Normally, the cars are large enough to ensure that the vehicle touches at least two strips at a time. The car usually has several brushes beneath it. These brushes ensure that the car touches two strips randomly at any given time. The design of modern electric bumper cars ensures that the voltage polarity on each of the contacts is sorted out in a way that provides the right complete circuit to allow for the vehicle to move.

At the same time, there are bumper cars that are battery operated.

Electric bumper cars are a great source of fun and entertainment and can be used in funfairs, parks and even in supermarkets. A person or company operating such a ride can enjoy great returns as this option is easy to operate and manage. As such, a bumper car ride can be a great investment for any investor. When looking for electric bumper cars for sale, there are a couple of things that you should consider to ensure that you get a ride that will work for you and will have bring great returns.

Electric Bumper Cars For Sale: What To Consider When Buying An Electric Bumper Car
Electric Bumper Cars For Sale: What To Consider When Buying An Electric Bumper Car

So what are some of the things that you need to consider?

Power source

When looking for a bumper car ride, it is important that you consider how it operates in the sense of how it gets its power. As we have learned, electric bumper cars can get powered through different methods. As such, before making any decision, it is important that you consider if you want a battery operated bumper car, a conductive floor system operated system for floor grid bumper cars, or a conductive floor, conductive ceiling and hot rod system bumper car ride.


Different bumper car models will operate at different voltages; although the difference is not that big. Take time to consider the voltage of the system you would consider getting. By comparing different electric bumper cars for sale, it will be easier for you to find a system that will work with your power supply.


Another crucial factor to consider is the cost of different electric bumper car systems as different brands and makes are offered at different prices. The best way to do this is by taking time to consider different makes and systems in the market and what their asking prices are. This way, identifying a system that is within your budget is certainly going to be much easier.

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