The Differences Between Electric Bumper Cars And Inflatable Bumper Cars

The Differences Between Electric Bumper Cars And Inflatable Bumper Cars
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If you have ever been to the carnival before, you have likely written on things called electric bumper cars. These are very fun filled devices, things that you can get into, bump into family and friends, and even people that you do not know. Even though you are bumping into them, it’s all in good fun, and everyone has a good time. There is another type of bumper car that is called an inflatable bumper car. The second look at the differences and similarities between the two.

An Electric Bumper Car

An electric bumper car is one that you will see on a very flat surface, one that is controlled by electricity from a pole that extends down from the top. It allows you to steer it in different directions, spinning and turning, and bumping into other people, and all of them are in identical vehicles. When the power is off, they can no longer function, and they easily roll across the ground on wheels that cannot be seen. These are the ones that you will typically right on, but there are also inflatable bumper cars that you can try to drive as well.

Inflatable Bumper Cars

The Differences Between Electric Bumper Cars And Inflatable Bumper Cars
The Differences Between Electric Bumper Cars And Inflatable Bumper Cars

These are essentially the same as a regular bumper car with the exception of the outside. They are usually motorized, not having a poll on top, and are sometimes browned in appearance. They look like large inner tubes where one or more people can sit as they bump against the walls and also the other inflatable bumper cars that are in the same area. Some of them can actually be operated on the water, making them even more fun, especially during the summertime.

Which One Is Best

It really depends on exactly what you like to ride in, and the time of the year that you do this. For example, if it is a very cold time of the year, with snow precipitating down, you might be better off in an electric bumper car which is in its own shelter. These areas are also typically heated so that you will be much warmer while you are in the bumper car. This would be an inopportune time to write an expandable one or inflatable one, simply because if they are on the water, or if you are writing a regular one, there is nothing over the top in it could be quite cold during your ride.

Regardless of which one you prefer riding, they are all designed to do the same thing. The goal or objective is to bump into other people. That is what makes them fun, and allows people to have a good time, crashing into walls, other bumper cars, all in the name of having some fun at the carnival. These rides are extremely safe, providing you with the safety belt so that you, and especially young children, cannot get out. It is only when the bumper cars stop moving that these can be released, making them one of the safest vehicles that anyone can drive.

When you go to the next carnival in your area, or if you are heading over to a state fair, make sure that you check out both the electric and inflatable bumper cars. After you have tried them out, you will likely become addicted and become a fan of all types of bumper cars, wherever you happen to be.

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