The Difference Between Small And Mini Ferris Wheel Rides

The Difference Between Small And Mini Ferris Wheel Rides
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When it comes to Ferris wheels, you’ll generally recognize the words large, small or mini. Oftentimes, you’ll find listings for mini Ferris wheel rides for sale, but not for small Ferris wheels. The fact is that small and mini describe the same type of ride, but one term is used more commonly than the other.

In effect, the real difference is made apparent when you compare a large Ferris wheel to a small or mini one. A small Ferris wheel is categorized as a ride that’s less than 10 meters tall. The size as well as the colors and designs make these mini rides appealing to children. In fact, you’ll probably encounter many manufacturers describing these rides as kids’ Ferris wheels.

Oftentimes, these small rides serve as a focal point at amusement parks or fairgrounds where space is rather limited, but the flow of traffic isn’t. Though the designs are most appealing to children, they can be enjoyed by adults as well. The mechanism of the mini ride is essentially the same as you would experience on a large Ferris wheel, the only difference being a smaller viewing range and the safety standards.

In many ways, the small or mini Ferris wheels have been found to be much safer than their large vintage counterparts. The smaller cabins allow for two people in each cabin, and its less imposing size makes it appealing to those afraid of heights. Depending on whether the ride is completely mini or just small, the Ferris wheel can have anywhere from 5 to 8 cabins.

The Difference Between Small And Mini Ferris Wheel Rides
The Difference Between Small And Mini Ferris Wheel Rides

Mini Vs. Small Design Elements

Though the mini and small Ferris wheel rides are generally the same things, rides categorized as being small are the only ones that can hold 8 suspended baskets. The mini wheels usually hold no more than 5 or 6 cabins, therefore, a significant difference can be viewed in the design elements.

Mini rides are much more kid oriented in that they employ bright colors, cute graphics, and shapes that will appeal to very young children. On the other hand, small wheels may find the right balance between childlike and adult. Many small Ferris wheels borrow designs from the large vintage Ferris wheels that can be found in most amusement parks. The traditional shape of the small wheel can work for all age groups, whereas, the mini wheel is more appropriate for kids.

Mini Ferris wheels can also be housed indoors, and that’s important to consider should you look to use one in a shopping mall setting or house it indoors during the winter. Small wheels that can have 8 different cabins may not always be suitable for indoor use. Essentially, yet another significant difference that can be found between the interchangeably used sizes.

Regardless of the amount of space you have in your amusement park, fairground, carnival or shopping center, you can significantly improve the number of visitors by installing a Ferris wheel. Whether you choose a small or mini wheel, it’s entirely up to you!

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