A Cup Of Tea For Your Pleasure

A Cup Of Tea For Your Pleasure

One of the best rides at any amusement park is the Cup of Tea amusement ride. This amusement ride is quite simple but it is a lot of fun for the entire family. The way that the ride works is like this. The right consists of a circular floor area. Within the circular floor area there will be a series of smaller circles that contain a large fiberglass teacup. The teacup has the ability to spin around and around depending on how fast you turn the spinning wheel.

The spinning wheel is centered within the cup and there are seats for the participants to sit on all around the spinning wheel except for where there is a door entrance. The ride will comfortably hold three adults or two adults and two children. The object of the ride is to spin the teacup by turning the spinning wheel.

This is a ride that provides a tremendous amount of fun and laughter. For example, if a family of four went on to this ride they would leave the ride laughing and feeling dizzy. The strongest person in the teacup is a one that will spin the wheel that is in the center. The wheel is horizontal and is usually covered with a rubber surface to provide a good grip.

A Cup Of Tea For Your Pleasure
A Cup Of Tea For Your Pleasure

The strongest person grabs the rubber feel and begins to turn it as fast as he or she can. The turning of the wheel spins the teacup around and around. Meanwhile, the entire circular floor is also begins spinning around and around. As you can imagine this type ride is not meant for people who do not do well with dizziness. For people who can tolerate dizziness on the other hand it is one of the best rides in the amusement park.

Recently, I had the experience of going on this ride with two other adults. The two male adults were able to coordinate spinning the wheel as quickly as they could. Since the two male adults were quite strong we had the fastest spinning teacup on the ride. When the ride came to a sudden halt it felt as if we were all still spinning around and around. It took a few moments to get our bearings but even as he walked off of the large circular platform we had a stagger in our step.

One of the other advantages of this type ride for a family is that it is usually placed close to the kiddie rides. Today, teenagers and adults are drawn towards the more thrilling roller coaster type rides and many of them ignore this unique ride. This is great for people who love this ride because it means shorter lineups. Also, this ride is not as expensive as the more costly roller coaster type rides and therefore you can ride it more often. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to visit an amusement park in your area you must give the teacup ride a try.

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