The Classification Of Ferris Wheel Ride In The Amusement Parks

The Classification Of Ferris Wheel Ride In The Amusement Parks

Did you know that there are different classifications when it comes to Ferris Wheels? Most people simply get on the ride, evaluating them based upon the number of carts that they have, and also how high they go. It is actually a goal of many people to visit the many places that have the highest Ferris Wheels in the world, evaluating them based upon the experience, not so much in the way that they are made. We will look at how Ferris Wheels are classified in this article, another way to make a determination as to which ones you should try to ride at some point in time.

How Ferris Wheels Are Classified

The Classification Of Ferris Wheel Ride In The Amusement Parks
The Classification Of Ferris Wheel Ride In The Amusement Parks

Ferris Wheels are actually classified into several different groups. It began years ago, back in the 1890s, when the first one was actually built. This one, as well as the Viennese Giant Wheel, are in a classification called ancient Ferris Wheels, those that began the construction of these famous rides. As the years passed by, as more of them were made, they began to be classified by height. There is actually a list of the tallest Ferris Wheels in the world, with some of them located in England, Singapore and most recently Las Vegas. One of the most popular Ferris Wheels that people really enjoy are not the type with a seat that will have room for two or three. Observation Wheels are another classification, specifically those that have air-conditioned typically cylindrical carts or capsules where multiple people can stand up within these enclosed areas to experience the world around them. These are recommended for people that are scared of heights, and would prefer not being out in the open air. For those that have been to a carnival that comes into town on an annual basis, those are called Transportable Wheels. They are not fixed for permanent installation because it is the nature of this business that requires mobility. They can actually be dismantled within hours, ready to move to the next location, and erected ready to go in about the same amount of time.

Double And Triple Wheels

In order to capitalize on the popularity of traditional Ferris Wheels, whether they have seats or capsules, back in the 1960s and 70s, the first double and triple wheels were created. Some of these had a wheel within a wheel, with carts on the outside as well as suspended on a secondary wheel within. Others actually had arms like the Planetary Amusement Ride, and now there are many of them at Six Flags resorts. The first triple Ferris Will called the Sky Whirl debuted at Marriott’s Great America back in the 70s. This was very unique, now also found at Six Flags Great America, some of which reach a height of over 100 feet. This is far less than the record holders of the tallest Ferris Wheels like the High Roller located in Las Vegas Nevada. They are designed differently to provide novelty, and they are still very popular, yet another classification of a Ferris Wheel that has found success.

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