Choosing Electric Bumper Cars For Theme Parks

Choosing Electric Bumper Cars For Theme Parks
June 13, 2018 No Comments Bumper Cars amusementrides

The kids section at the theme park is often one of the most popular places to be. Not only does this section offer rides for the whole family, but the kids get to go on rides that are made just for them. One of the most popular rides in the kids section is the electric bumper car. The line for the electric bumper cars is usually quite long and kids just love to ride them.

Electric bumper cars make kids feel like they are grown up. They love to be in control of the car and squeal in delight when they get to take hold of the steering wheel. Not only does a child get a sense of power, but the cars are wildly fun, especially when you bang the cars into other people.

If you are in charge of purchasing rides for a theme park, you definitely want to include new electric bumper cars. The most common type of bumper car is the electric ground grid model. This type of car runs on an electric grid in the floor and this is how the car is propelled.

Ground grid bumper cars are safer and don’t require a ceiling grid. They run on a special floor that draws an electric current. This type of bumper car has less maintenance costs and you will get a higher return on your investment with them. You won’t need to install a special ceiling and the kids will have more fun riding them.

Bumper cars are a great investment in any theme park. They are a total draw and will be the ride that every kid wants to go on. You will make back your investment on bumper cars when you have them installed. Aside from the fun of riding them, the cars have lights and some of them have music.

You can operate the cars via remote or digital control and the cars are affordable. The colors can be customized to suit your theme park and the ride also comes with music. Be sure to get multiple quotes for the cars. Many companies that supply electric bumper cars will give you a quote within 24 hours.

Once the electric bumper cars are installed, they will require little maintenance to keep them going which keeps your costs down. They provide a fantastic return on investment and are the perfect family ride. Some manufacturers offer post-sale service, so be sure to see if that is an option for you.

If you want to see a smile on a child’s face, just show them the electric bumper cars. They are often a child’s favorite ride. If you don’t have bumper cars in your theme park yet or you want to upgrade to a newer model that is easier to maintain, you can’t go wrong with bumper cars. They deserve a place in every theme park and will quickly become one of the most popular rides in the entire theme park.

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