Choosing The Best Bumper Cars For Your Theme Park

Choosing The Best Bumper Cars For Your Theme Park
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Bumper cars are a ride that everyone loves, from grandparents to children. It is fun driving around and hitting people with your car while you avoid trying to get hit. Little kids love to take the wheel and they feel like they are in control and driving an adult car. The ride is thrilling and is sure to make everyone laugh. If you don’t have bumper cars at your theme park yet, you should consider buying them.

Electric bumper cars are the most popular type of bumper car. Battery bumper cars can run on many types of surfaces and don’t require a special floor. You can run them on concrete and even ice.

These cars come in both inflatable styles or with rubber bumpers. Battery bumper cars don’t take long to charge and the batteries are rechargeable. The cars will start running by just pressing a switch. Battery bumper cars can run on multiple surfaces and you don’t need a special floor or ceiling to operate them.

You will want to do plenty of research when it is time to buy bumper cars. You have to decide which type of bumper car is going to be the best for your theme park. You want to choose bumper cars that have a strong body and make with high quality materials. The bumpers should be made with PVC. Digital controls are also good to have as well.

Choosing The Best Bumper Cars For Your Theme Park
Choosing The Best Bumper Cars For Your Theme Park

Bumper cars that draw power from the ceiling require more maintenance and you need a dedicated space for the cars and grid. Despite the limitations, the ceiling grid is still the most popular type of bumper car. You will need a special floor and electric ceiling to run the cars.

Ground grid bumper cars are safer and this style is newer. You might want to consider this type of car if you are adding bumper cars to your theme park. The cars are set into motion by a floor powered grid. The floor is made up of insulating spaces, negative strips and positive strips. The bumper car have special brushes underneath them that form a complete circuit when they touch the floor. This gives them the power to move around.

Most bumper car manufacturers allow you to customize the color of the cars if you wish and two people can fit in them. The cars come with lights and some systems have music as well. Bumper cars are cost effective and they are very easy to run. They don’t require a ton of maintenance and they don’t take up a lot of space either. Best of all, they are very popular and make a great investment for your park. The cars come with a warranty as well.

Bumper cars make a great addition to your theme park and they are something that will become a big draw at your theme park. They make a great family ride that everyone will enjoy using and the low cost is appealing to any theme park buyer.

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