Why Do Children Love The Frog Hopper Ride?

Why Do Children Love The Frog Hopper Ride?
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Going to an amusement park can be very exciting for both adults and children. The rides, the clowns, the cart games, what could be more exciting than taking part in all of these things? Yes, of course, there are some people who are afraid of clowns but that need not take away the thrill of the carnival. There are numerous types of rides that people can ride including both adult and children options. One of the most popular child rides is the frog hopper ride. This article will provide information on the frog hopper ride and why it is so attractive.

What Is The Frog Hopper Ride?

The various amusement park rides are divided into several categories ranging from thrill rides to children’s rides. The frog hopper, also known as the jumping frog, will more often than not fall into a children’s ride but also has a strong thrill element. This ride can be described as a vertical ascent with bouncing descent item. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor parks and can also be found in shopping centers or at fairgrounds.

Why Do Children Love The Frog Hopper Ride?
Why Do Children Love The Frog Hopper Ride?

Is The Frog Hopper Ride Safe?

The importance of safety cannot be stressed enough when using any amusement park rides, and this is one of the considerations that organizers must make when setting up these rides. The frog hopper meets all safety and health regulations by providing a restraint system that will provide the rider with security when seated.

The frog hopper painted with an anti-corrosion substance that is also very environmentally friendly. This type of paint increases the ride’s durability and will prolong the item’s life span. The frog hopper has LED lighting on the steel structure which enhances the rider’s attractiveness.

How Does The Frog Hopper Work?

As is mentioned above, the frog hopper offers an ascent and descent feature that takes the rider up a steel constructed column then dropping the carriage in a similar fashion. The ‘hopping’ aspect can be defined by the vibration of the ride during the descent. It is propelled using a hydraulic system which reduces any friction between the carriage and column; as well as reducing any nitrogen pressure.

The frog hopper column is approximately eight meters high and the lifting height is six meters with a one meter separation at both the top and bottom. The space area is approximately six meters and the carriage is able to hold six people.

Why Is The Frog Hopper So Popular Among Children?

The frog hopper has been noted as a thrill ride for children. It is this thrill aspect that can affect the child both physically and psychologically. The physical effects include an increase in the hormone serotonin, which will provide pleasurable sensations. The increase in serotonin will also help increase the rider’s sense of bravery, confidence, and resistance to fearful situations.

Final Words On The Matter

As can be seen, the frog hopper ride is a very safe and enjoyable ride for children. By considering the information above you can make an informed decision about letting your child use this ride.

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