Chair Swings Ride for sale

Chair Swings Rides for Sale – Beston Amusement

Chair Swings Rides for Sale – from Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd
The swing ride is a new twist on a classic thrill ride and a kind of fairground ride. Many people also call the swing ride other names: chair swing ride, swing carousel, wave swinger, yo-yo, Chair-O-Planes or swinger, flying chair. In fact, the swing rides are the variation of carousels because the chairs are suspended from the rotating top of the carousel and this is the reason why the wave swinger is also called swing carousel. There are also some types of swing chair ride that the rotating top of the carousel also tilts for additional variations of motion. This kind of amusement ride is one of the most popular amusement park equipment which can be frequently seen in park model or travelling model. Beston is one of the top swing ride manufacturer in the world and provides all models of funfair equipment for sale with best quality.

Chair Swings Ride for sale
Chair Swings Ride for sale

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This chair swing ride is composed of 3 main parts: one central supporting column, top umbrella roof and chain chairs. In Beston amusement equipment, the spinning swing ride for sale is manufactured with the latest manufacturing and technical advances and each part is produced by high quality materials. Hot-dip galvanized framework and a lift, drive and brake system controlled by the art frequency converter make this a family ride worth consideration. The rotating top is raised by 4 sets of cables linked to a hydraulic ram inside the central column. Then, the ram retracts to pull the cables that hold the centre ring upwards; eventually, tilting over a curve in top of the central pole, which rotates in the opposite direction to create its unique motion. The carousel is rotated by 2 motors in the roof, while 2 motors in the base turn the curved centre pole in the opposite direction. Chairs and the suspending chains are made of stainless steel for low maintenance, long life and prolonged beauty. The Wave Swinger lets the young or old fly through the air like never before!
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Beston also has the newest type of kiddie swing ride for sale and these rides are manufactured with fiberglass panels and carefully decorated with hand-painted with airbrush and beautiful music to adapt to children’s interest. We provides various types of newly designed small swing ride including: swing ride of fruit theme, ocean swing ride and other customized small swing ride. Rider are simply seated on the chair, and the ride moves in an oscillating wave-like motion, which can give the riders the sensation to fly around the ride. If you purchase our swing ride, you will never regret and Beston swing rides worth the investment. If you make your decision, do not forget to contact us.
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Features of Beston Swing Rides:

1. The swing chair ride is a exciting and romantic amusement ride which is very popular among the kids ,lovers and staff.
2. High quality, safe and reliable, low maintenance and long service life.
3. The swing ride from Beston can be customized in models and sizes to meet the demands of customers.
4. Competitive price without any third party, standard exporting packages and quality after-sale service.

Technical Parameter of Beston Swing Rides:

Capacity Turntable Diameter Height Rotary diameter Power Voltage
16 persons 6m 7m 7m 4.5KW 380V
24 persons 7m 8m 11m 7KW 380V
32 persons 10m 9m 13m 12KW 380V
36 persons 12m 12m 14m 15KW 380V
12 persons / 3.5m 7.5m 2.2KW 380V

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