Carnival Train Rides, Water Slides And More To Create At Home

Carnival Train Rides, Water Slides And More To Create At Home
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Carnival Train Rides, Water Slides And More To Create At Home

Most kids love a carnival! Between the lights, the games, and the food, children can have the time of their life. One of the best parts of any carnival is the rides. Often, the favorite ride for smaller children is the carnival train ride. They may also enjoy the swings and the Ferris wheel, but the train ride remains popular year after year. It is possible to recreate a few of these traditional carnival rides right in your own backyard. While you probably cannot build a Ferris wheel, you can certain construct a barrel train, a spin-and-spray, and even a go-kart.

Carnival Train Rides, Water Slides And More To Create At Home
Carnival Train Rides, Water Slides And More To Create At Home


To get started, you will need a few supplies.

– Tire

– Drill

– Nylon rope, ten feet long and at least 1/2 inches thick

– Sprinklers

– Lawn tractor

– 55-gallon plastic barrels

– Wheels/wheel kit

– Steel rods for a frame to set the barrels on

– 1/2 thick chain

– Go kart materials or a kit

– Helmet

– Yellow duct tape

– Orange cones

– Sandbags

– Plastic cups

– Liquid soap

– Tarp


Build a spin-n-spray ride using a sprinkler and a tire swing. The best tires are from an SUV or a light pick up truck. Drill holes in the tire to help drain water from rain. Attach the nylon rope to a sturdy tree branch and hang the tire from the rope with the holes on the bottom. There needs to be at least six feet of clearance all the way around the tire. Set up the sprinkler so that it sprays the tire rider as they swing around.

Barrel Train

This one takes a little more work. Begin by cutting a section from each of the 55-gallon plastic barrels. Weld together a frame for the barrel to rest upon, then attach the wheels to the frame. Using the chain, attach the barrel and frame to a small riding lawn mower or an ATV. If you want to string more than one barrel together to make a train, use more chain to tie the frames to each other.

Go Kart

Go Kart
Go Kart

The easiest thing to do is to order a go kart kit. You can typically find one for a good price online. It will contain instructions for assembling the go kart and all you will need to do is supply the tools. Once the go kart is built, you can create a track using the yellow duct tape and the orange cones. Always ensure children are supervised when driving the go karts.

Water Slide

Water Slide
Water Slide

If you have a hill, this is the best place to set up the water slide. If you do not, a small incline will work, too. Ensure the ground is smooth and there are not roots or rocks. Lay the tarp down and hold it in place with the sand bags. Place the sprinklers on either side to keep the tarp wet and slippery. If you want it extra slippery, use the liquid dish soap or tear-free shampoo.

These are easy and fun carnival rides you can build at home. Provide your children and the reast of the neighborhood kids a fun time without leaving home.

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